Good governance critical in Afghanistan

Source / Credit: Gulf News

As the US begins a security transition in Afghanistan, it has focused the vast majority of its strategy, efforts and resources on building Afghan security forces and weakening insurgents through military pressure. Yet the broader Afghan state is in crisis.

Afghans we met with during a recent trip to Kabul warned that their country’s fragile democratic institutions were crumbling. If the current political trajectory continues, Afghan security forces may have no state left to defend.

A range of Afghans — government officials, opposition figures and members of civil society — argued that the US must perform a tricky balancing act to strengthen the state. The Obama administration should heal its rift with Afghan President Hamid Karzai but without providing unconditional financial and political support, which weakens Afghan state institutions and contributes to a culture of impunity.

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4 replies

  1. It is a relief to read an article that doesn’t merely address whether the U.S. should stay on in Afghanistan or pull out and/or what either action will mean for the U.S., but also what it will mean for Afghanistan and how to maximize not only Afghan security but also Afghan prosperity. Clearly, prosperity will not be ensured by military intervention alone, and without prosperity, it is only a matter of time before extremists find a foothold again.

  2. Good luck to the US and the UN who want to ‘export’ democracy. In Iraq the major political parties have their private militias. The way it works: “You vote for me OR you will find a roadside bomb in your neighborhood”. Democracy a la Iraq …

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