Why People Phone Hack; A Look Into The Psyche Of Wrongdoing

Source: Medical News Today

Phone hacking. It doesn’t even sound ethical. Neither does phone spying nor my personal favorite phreaking.

So how does management at a best-selling newspaper approve this and everyone else play along?

“Some people may have remained quiet because they believed that this was acceptable practice – perfectly normal for the non-naïve,” says UAB social psychologist Rex Wright, Ph.D. “Some people consider you to be naive if you abide by conventional rules of ethics.”

The first allegations of phone hacking against News of the World came in 2005 when the Royal Family accused the paper of intercepting voice mails. The investigation led to two resignations and two guilty pleas in January 2007. Many believed the violations extended beyond the Royal Family but the investigation ended.

Four years later to the month the Metropolitan Police announced a new investigation into the phone hacking scandal. The new investigation revealed the phone hacking continued despite the 2007 convictions.

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