One for all: Jamatud Dawa gathering concludes with a rallying call



MULTAN:  Jamatud Dawa 

organised a gathering to unite all religious parties against terrorism, suicide attacks and US and Indian intervention in Pakistan.

On Saturday, Prof Hafiz Saeed made an appearance in a gathering organised under the umbrella of the Defence Pakistan Forum in Multan. Saeed led a gathering of over 15,000, amid tight security in Multan and addressed a large crowd along with several other speakers. Jamat-ut-daawa has actively been organizing several meetings in various cities in southern Punjab to launch a movement against United States and Indian intervention in the country. Saeed said that he was working to unite religious parties in the country. “All religious parties must come together to defend Pakistan because the army and politicians are catering to the West,” Saeed said.

“The Muslim ummah needs to unite at a time like this where the West is out to undermine us all over the world,” he said, adding that he wished to garner support from all religious parties. Other participants in the rally included Ameer Hamza, Muhammad Ishaq and Qaari Yaqub. The orators said that the US was now willing to negotiate with the Taliban but were labelling all Pakistanis as terrorists. Ameer Hamza said that Pakistan needed to focus on wiping out all western influence in the country. “The real responsibility of the security of Pakistan lies on the religious parties and not on the political parties. We have to focus on returning people to the Islamic path rather than the Western path,” he said.



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