The Bitter Dads’ Club


A new wave of burned-out fathers is coming to screens—and they’re angrier than ever.

Jason Bateman (left) and Ryan Reynolds (right) in "The Change-Up."Richard Cartwright / Courtesy of UniversalJason Bateman (left) and Ryan Reynolds (right) in “The Change-Up.”

American dads have never had much to complain about. For decades—make that centuries—they were one-act parents, their main physical role completed at conception, and their main financial one performed at arm’s length. But as fathers have begun to share the hands-on work of raising children, a kind of emotional geyser has begun to erupt in the male mind. Just as the narrative for mothers has evolved from “Baby bliss!” to I-feel-like-a-bad-mom confessionals, now fathers’ stories are skipping from new-dad contentment to soul-weary tirades.


Categories: Family values

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