Did the Prophets Ever Sin According to Islam?


Questioner Ahmad
Reply Date Dec 06, 2017
Question As-salamu Alaykum Did Prophet Muhammad, peace be upon him, ever sin in his life? Did any of the prophets? Salam.


Short Answer: No. They were fallible human beings, though. Before they received revelation, it’s unclear if they sinned. But as far as afterward, it’s important to note that they did make mistakes, but those mistakes were not considered sinful because they did not intentionally disobey God.

Asalamu Alaikum Ahmad, 

Thank you for contacting About Islam with your question.

All Prophets Were Fallible Human Beings

When talking about human beings, it is understood that we are by our very nature, fallible.

That is to say we make mistakes and even sin.

When talking about the prophets–beginning with Adam and ending with the seal of the prophets, Muhammad (peace be upon them)–we need to be aware that they are human beings sent by God to guide people.

This matter of guidance necessitates that exemplary character should be a distinguishing attribute of all the Prophets.

And that, first, prophets should be human beings. If not, they would not be able to understand the reality of human needs.

And second, prophets should be wise, strong, and knowledgeable; so as to be able to lead human beings to the right path.

As for all the prophets, we need to raise some important points to be able to comprehend the meaning of their infallibility.

  • The infallibility of the prophets comes after receiving the message from Allah Almighty.
  • They make mistakes least among all people.

However, we need to confirm the fact that the prophets did not commit sins.

They only made mistakes, as they did not have the intention of disobeying Allah.

And their mistakes are only proofs of their humanity.

Examples of Mistakes They Made

Some examples of the prophets’ mistakes are mentioned in the following hadith narrated by Abu Hurayrah in Al-Bukhari:

We were in the company of the Prophet at a banquet and a cooked [mutton] forearm was set before him, and he used to like it. He ate a morsel of it and said:

“I will be the chief of all the people on the Day of Resurrection. Do you know how Allah will gather all the first and the last [people] in one level place where an observer will be able to see [all] of them, and they will be able to hear the announcer, and the sun will come near to them?

Some People will say: ‘Don’t you see, in what condition you are and the state to which you have reached? Why don’t you look for a person who can intercede for you with your Lord?’ Some people will say: ‘Appeal to your father, Adam.’

They will go to him and say:

‘O Adam! You are the father of all mankind, and Allah created you with His Own Hands, and ordered the angels to prostrate to you, and made you live in Paradise. Will you not intercede for us with your Lord? Don’t you see in what [miserable] state we are, and to what condition we have reached?’

On that, Adam will reply: ‘My Lord is so angry as He has never been before and will never be in the future. He forbade me [to eat from] the tree, but I disobeyed [Him], [I am worried about] myself! Myself! Go to somebody else; go to Noah.’

They will go to Noah and say: ‘O Noah! You are the first amongst the messengers of Allah to the people of the earth, and Allah named you a thankful slave. Don’t you see in what a [miserable] state we are and to what condition we have reached? Will you not intercede for us with your Lord?’

Noah will reply: ‘Today my Lord has become so angry as He had never been before and will never be in the future. Myself! Myself! Go to the Prophet [Muhammad].’

The people will come to me, and I will prostrate myself underneath Allah’s Throne. Then I will be addressed: ‘O Muhammad! Raise your head; intercede, for your intercession will be accepted, and ask [for anything] for you will be given.’”

Prophet Muhammad’s Heart Was Purified Before Revelation


As for Prophet Muhammad (PBUH), Allah Almighty–with His perfect knowledge–knew that he would be the seal of the prophets.

Consequently, He wanted Muhammad to be the purest of all the prophets.

As is related by Anas in Sahih Muslim: Gabriel (PBUH) came down, ripped Muhammad’s (PBUH) chest open, took out Muhammad’s heart, then extracted a blood-clot from it, and said,

That was the part of Satan in thee.

Then he washed Muhammad’s heart with the water of Zamzam in a gold basin.

After that the heart was joined together and restored to its place.

Muhammad’s playmates came running to his nurse, and said,

Verily, Muhammad has been murdered.

They all rushed towards him and found him alright. Only, his face was white. (The Sealed Nectar)

God wanted Prophet Muhammad to be a spotless, morally perfect example for all generations to come.

Thank you very much and please keep in touch.

Walikum Asalam.

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18 replies

  1. Reblogged this on Progressive Islam. and commented:
    This is my comment are different to writter above from view of Progressive Muslim:
    I agree this PHRASE : All Prophets Were Fallible Human Beings

    When talking about human beings, it is understood that we are by our very nature, fallible.

    That is to say we make mistakes and even sin.

    When talking about the prophets–beginning with Adam and ending with the seal of the prophets, Muhammad (peace be upon them)–we need to be aware that they are human beings sent by God to guide people.===

    All people are sinner,
    There is no one in this earth who does what is right all the time and never makes a mistake.Ecc.7:20

    Base on God word above all people snd prophets can make mistake or sin.
    But the sin of Prophets are forgiven, so when Prophet died he was a holy, and then God rised him up to Heaven, they are all alive in Heaven.

    I desagree that all prophets was guided 100 percent his life, on other word as prophet could not make a mistake.

    I disagree with this phrase.
    Prophet Muhammad’s Heart Was Purified Before Revelation

    That idea can be canceled by these verses from Al Quran.

    (The Prophet (SAW)) frowned and turned away, (1) Because there came to him the blind man (i.e. ‘Abdullâh bin Umm-Maktûm, who came to the Prophet (SAW) while he was preaching to one or some of the Quraish chiefs) (2) And how can you know that he might become pure (from sins)? (3) Or that he might receive admonition, and that the admonition might profit him? (4) As for him who thinks himself self-sufficient, (5) To him you attend; (6) What does it matter to you if he will not become pure (from disbelief, you are only a Messenger, your duty is to convey the Message of Allâh) (7) But as to him who came to you running (8) And is afraid (of Allâh and His Punishment), (9) Of him you are neglectful and divert your attention to another, (10) Nay, (do not do like this), indeed it is an admonition, (Q80:1-11)

    Also our prophet Muhammad pbuh was defeated in Uhud battle by his enemy.

    What you suffered on the day the two armies met, was with the leave of Allah, in order that He might test the Believers. Q.3:166.

    It is a proof that Prophet Muhammad pbuh made a mistake.
    Eventhough Allah forgave him.

    My Conclusion
    1. All prophets of Allah are alive in Heaven.
    2. Prophet Muhammad pbuh was not A Holy prophet.
    Do not associete him with Allah while you worship Allah in Shalat 5 x a day, you will fall into sinful syrick. On other word; do not mention the name of Muhammad pbuh and Ibrahim in Shalat.

    Hopefully my explsination will be agreed by writter above.

    Was Salam with love ❤️

    • It is ‘hair-splitting’ (as often with Somi). Battle of Uhud was lost ‘to test the believers’. It was not due to a fault of the Prophet (peace be on him). May be fault of his followers, yes. And what is so difficult to understand that Allah protects his prophets from sins? If he can make them prophets he can protect them from sins. Small mistakes, yes, all humans commit. Sins all humans commit (except the prophets). (We do not believe that prophets, as stated in the bible, can get drunk and have intimate relationships with their daughters while drunk. Impossible).

  2. Somi, it’s against the laws of nature that God has created that once a person dies, they cannot come back to life. So no Prophet was raised to heaven and the Prophets are not alive in heaven. Their souls will be in the heaven without the body.

    Now, I have very nicely asked you before not to desecrate the name of the Holy Prophet (pbuh) as he is seal of all the Prophets and most nearest to God. And you say not to associate Him to God. Please if you do not have anything nice to say about him, then don’t say anything at all. Also Prophet Ibrahim was also a dear Prophet of God and please learn to have some respect if nothing else.

    • Riffat— we as true Muslim have to tell the truth always— do not hide the truth even a tiny Allah know it.
      I love and care Muslim very much—I feel sorry to see the punishment of Allah to Muslim every where because they have been turn away from Holy Quran and believe in idol hadith.

      If you want to know me that I love, respect, and honor our prophet Muhammad as well all prophets. Please go to my website!


      Allah has guided Prophet Muhammad (saw) and his followers in Al Quran as following;

      Invite (people) to the way of your Lord with wisdom and good counsel. And argue with them in the best of manners. Surely, your Lord knows best the one who deviates from His way, and He knows best the ones who are on the right path. QS.16:125.

      It is part of the Mercy of Allah that thou dost deal gently with them. Wert you severe or harsh-hearted, they would have broken away from about thee: so pass over (their faults), and ask for (Allah’s) forgiveness for them; and consult them in affairs wordly). Then, when thou hast taken a decision, put you trust in Allah. For Allah loves those who put their trust (in Him).QS 3:159.

      You are the best of peoples ever raised up for mankind; you enjoin Al-Ma’rûf and forbid and you believe in Allâh. And had the people of the Scripture (Jews and Christians) believed, it would have been better for them; among them are some who have faith, but most of them are Al-Fâsiqûn (disobedient to Allâh – and rebellious against Allâh’s Command). (110)QS 3:110.
      If they still turn away, then, your responsibility is only to convey the message clearly. QS 16;82

      So remind them (O Muhammad (saw)) — you are only a one who reminds. You are not a dictator over them — Save the one who turns away and disbelieves. Then Allâh will punish him with the greatest punishment. Verily, to Us will be their return; Then verily, for Us will be their reckoning. QS 88;21-26.

      Your duty is only to convey (the Message) and on us is the reckoning. QS 13 ;(40)

      It is very obvious from above verses that Prophet was spreading Islam with wisdom, love, and the best of manners. and without force, sword and compulsory. That is why we call that Islam is mercy QS 21:107 for all people and peace.

      Every time I respond your comment was delated. He still has hatred a little bit to my belief. Whereas hatred is evil and create violence .
      Hopefully this time he does not erase my respond
      All love ❤️

      • Frankly I find Somi to be spreading baseless info above and very repetitive. And it’s very tiresome to keep on answering him since he does not comprehend

  3. It is a solid fact that All Prophets do not commit sin. If prophets start committing sins how will they be able to guide us? The true reason why prophets are put on this planet is to guide us when we start to go astray, but if prophets are going astray how can they stop us from going astray. For that reason it doesn’t make sense that they would commit ANY sin. Whether small or big, a sin is a sin and we truly believe that prophets do not commit sin.

  4. Rafiq— even we are different belief / interpretation in Islam, but we are brotherhood in Islam,
    Our Prophet was a champion of Tolerance, he respect the different and division in Islam.

    Does those who make division of Islam will be punished? The answer is No. As Allah command it.

    Surely, those who have made divisions in their religion and turned into factions, you have nothing to do with them. Their case rests with Allah alone; then He will tell them what they have been doing. QS 6:159.

    Only the extremist Wahhabi Salafi do not follow God’s commandment, they bannand persecute others who are different with them. Like Syiah, ahmadiyya Christian

    Hopefully Ahmadiyya do not follow the extremist but follow God’s commandment above.
    God will bless us all

    All ❤️

    Verily your Lord knows best who has strayed from his way, and He is well aware of those who are on the right path. QS 6:(7)

  5. Dear Rafiq— it seems to me that you are so happy when you are able to delate my comment to others— dont you feel guilty or sinful at all? I am afraid of hatred will fill your soul or heart bit by bit—please dont do that Rafiq.

    Prophet Muhammad saw was a role of model for mankind, he had the excellent character or moral as role of Model for mankind as following;

    Prophet Muhammad saw was named “Al Amin”, he was known a honest man in Arab.

    O you who believe! Keep your duty to Allâh and fear Him, and speak (always) the truth. QS 33;(70). Those who always tell the truth will lead to the Heaven..

    O ye who believe! Fear Allah and be with those who are true/honest (in word and deed). Q.9:(119).
    Woe to those that deal in fraud― (1) Those who, when they have to receive by measure from men, exact full measure. (2) But when they have to give by measure or weight to men, give less than due. (3) Do they not think that they will be called to account?― (4) On a Mighty, Day, (5) A Day when (all) mankind will stand before the Lord of the Worlds? (6) Nay! Surely the Record of the Wicked is (preserved) in Sijjin (7) And what will explain to thee what Sijjin is? (8) (There is) a Register (fully) inscribed. (9) Woe, that Day, to those that deny―Q.83:(1-10).

    This golden wisdom is found in Christianity faith.
    You never succeed if you hide your sins.Confess them and give them up, then God will show you the mercy to you.Proverb.28;13
    Be honest you will be save, but if you dishonest you will suddenly fall.Proverb 28

    Honesty or truthfulness is the most important in life. If the honest is lost, life will be difficult, no one trust on you any more. Most Islamic clerics are not honest, they hide the truth of God. That is why God has been punishing Muslim around the world with conflict and kill each other.

    All our love ❤️
    Progressive Muslim.

    • May be if you bring us just the beautiful quotations without your – often hurtful – own comments it would be better? You know that many readers are complaining about your repetitive postings. Therefore I have to reduce your ‘load’ a bit. Honesty and truthfulness. No one doubts the importance of these. Just do not accuse everyone (except yourself) to be dishonest and cruel and whatever you call us all …

    Prophet Muhammad saw was a role of model for mankind, he had the excellent character or moral as role of Model for mankind as following;

    Prophet Muhammad saw was a champion to protect the right of minority, or Human Right.
    And why should ye not fight in the cause of Allah and of those who, being weak, are ill-treated (and oppressed)? Men, women, and children, whose cry is: “Our Lord! rescue us from this town, whose people are oppressors; and raise for us from thee one who will protect; and raise for us from thee one who will help.QS 4:75.

    Unfortunately The Islamic states like Saudi, Iran, Isis and other Islamic state REJECT Human Rught, they do not protect the right of minority like : Ahmadiyya, Chtistian, LGBT , etc.

    Contrary Islamic states persecute, punish and kill minority: blasphemer, apostate, gay lesbian and infidel
    They follow not Al Quran, but the book of Hadith ( idol).
    The extremist Muslim mislead Muslim in the name of Islam.

    All love ❤️
    Those who erase this comment he commit the act of sin.
    Please do not erase it.

    • Please stop this nonsense of telling the editors that they commit a sin if they do their job as editor. Are you Allah that you can decide who is sinful? Estagharullah

  7. I believe Ahmadiyya Muslim or editors obey Human Right, protect the right of minority, freedom of speach and freedom of religion / faith etc.
    I myself is a minority in this blog— ahmadiyyah blog. Please do not erase my comment. I should have the right to give a comment or to answer question etc.

    I feel sad, if Ahmadiyya do not protect my right to speach or comment a article here .
    Let us show a beutuful Islam here, lovely Islam, peaceful Islam.
    May Allah bless us all and guide us to the right path of Islam.
    All my love ❤️

    • As you may have noticed other readers also complained about your repetitive comments. Questions that were answered several times you repeat again and again. We have to listen to all, not only to Somi.

    Prophet Muhammad saw was a role of model for mankind, he had the excellent character or moral as role of Model for mankind as following;

    Serve Allah, and join not any partners with Him; and do good to parents, kinsfolk, orphans, those in need, neighbours who are near neighbours who are strangers, the companion by your side, the way-farer (ye meet) and what your right hands possess: for Allah loveth not the arrogant, the vainglorious.(QS.4:36).
    God commands Muslims to be affectionate, kind, and just in their practice of tolerance with Non-Muslims. They should have good relations with non-Muslims as long as they are in peace with them. God says: “God forbids you not, with regard to those who fight you not for your faith nor drive you out of your homes, from dealing kindly and justly with them: For God love those who are just. (QS.60:8).
    And lower your wing to the Believers who follow them.QS.26:215.


    Prophet Muhammad saw was a champion of humility;
    The (faithful) slaves of the Beneficent are they who walk upon the earth modestly, and when the foolish ones address them answer: Peace; Q.25:(63).

    And lower your wing to the Believers who follow them.Q. 26:215.

    May Allah guide us all to be a Humility and Humanity.Amen
    All love ❤️

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