Saudi Arabia and Iran are jostling for control over the Middle East – and it could turn into all-out war

The only way we can prevent global consequences from a regional conflict between Riyadh and Tehran is if we begin treating their countries the same

There used to saying in the Middle East: “If a dog barks in the Middle East, British intelligence is behind it.” Replace the word “British” with “American”, and we think that’s still true.

But it isn’t. There were many casualties in the wars of Iraq, Afghanistan, Libya and Syria. One of them was the myth of Western omnipotence.

The greatest threat to world peace coming out of the Middle East now is not terrorism, but the danger of a wider Sunni-Shia religious conflict into which the great powers are dragged.

The radicalisation of Sunni Islam, funded from Saudi Arabia and the Gulf elements, is not any longer targeted on us in the West. Its target has changed from the Great Satan in Washington, DC to the Great Heretic in Tehran.


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  1. My view is, that the conflict between Iran and Saudi Arabia has next to nothing to do with religion or Sunni Shiah rivalry. It is simply a struggle for power, control of the region, as the Headline says, and, yes, its oil and gas wealth. Or did anyone ever record a Sunni religious personality try to ‘convert’ a Shiah or vice-versa? I have not.

  2. @ Rafiq— we still have differences to see some issue.
    Conflict issue between Sunni and Shiah.
    Why do both conflict and hate each other?
    For example:
    Thousand extremist Shiah and extremist Sunni( wahhabi) persecute Ahmadiyyah in Pskistan, Indonesia, etc.

    It is not of struggle of power, politic, money etc. just because they do not accept differences. The same thing with sunni and shiah 1000 years ago. Each of them accuse “KHAFIR” or infidel, Blasphamer, himosexual.

    And then Hadith (idol) command Muslim to punish or kill them.
    Do you see Rafiq? The root of conflict in Islam is Islsmic teaching its self ( Hadith, idol)

    Therefore, as long as 99.00 percent of Islsmic clerics believe in IDOL ( HADITH) there is no peace in Islamic community.

    Along 120 years, extremist Muslim have been persecuting Ahmadiyyah, and hudred years they have been persecuting Shiah and Christisn in Middle East. This is the Fact cannot be denied!

    Solution: all violent hadith have to be abrogated by Saudi arabia authority. Because Islam was born in Saudi.
    With love❤️

    • And if hadith is changed than Prince Mohammad bin Salman will all of a sudden be a Prince of Peace? And will no longer compete with Iran for regional power?

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