Nafisa Shams Academy starts training program for saleswomen


Aminah Sami works at a store in Jeddah after her training at Nafisa Shams Academy.

JEDDAH: Nafisa Shams Academy for Arts and Crafts has launched several training courses to qualify women to find jobs in shops catering to women customers.

Jawaher Al-Zahrani, director general of the academy, said that since its inception in 2005 the organization has been providing training programs based on labor-market demand, and has been seeking to respond to companies interested in enrolling women in training programs ending with employment in the same companies.

Al-Zahrani said the latest decisions of the Ministry of Labor would certainly help in attracting women to training courses in the field of sales and make them qualified for such work within six months.

In cooperation with Bab Rizq Jameel (BRJ), the academy is introducing its 100-hour training course in retail sales.

The training course includes a theoretical program about selling skills, customer service, merchandising, computer applications, job behaviors and English language.

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  1. With the passage of time it will be permitted. Currently money is being utilised to silence many popular risings in Saudi Arabia. Women driving demand got some boost recently but then King Abdullah promptly reacted and use of money silenced the activists. Any way it is just a matter of time. Saudi women are waiting for another appropriate occasion.

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