Born to be dead

Source:Times of India
Last week — between July 8 and 10 — 24 infants died in the space of 72 hours in two government hospitals of Murshidabad in West Bengal. Ten days earlier, 18 newborns perished in Kolkata’s B C Roy Hospital, and in January, 21 babies died in yet another government hospital in Kolkata. A string of incubator deaths, too, has been reported from hospitals across the country — in Nagpur, Patiala, Ahmedabad and other towns — over the last few years.

Why are India’s babies dying in the very places they should be getting a new life? Is it because our government hospitals are ill-equipped and overburdened? Is it because of a lack of sensitivity needed to deal with cases that demand delicate handling? Not that ignorance on the part of society doesn’t further imperil young lives — like the age-old practice of administering oil into the nostrils of newborns, or applying cowdung on an umbilical stump. It’s hardly surprising, therefore, that India accounts for 30% of neonatal deaths (out of 3.9 million worldwide

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