Bakhit says 2011 to witness ‘daring leap’ in reforms

AMMAN (Petra) – The government on Monday stressed keenness to continue dialogue with all components of the society at the current “exceptional stage”.

Prime Minister Marouf Bakhit said Jordan is facing “exceptional challenges” that require this continued dialogue and partnership in order to serve “the homeland’s higher interests”.

At a meeting between the Senate and the Cabinet, Bakhit said the government will forge ahead with the reform process, emphasising that this year will witness a “daring leap” in these reforms.

Senate President Taher Masri voiced the Chamber’s concern over local political developments, mainly differences arising during marches, protests and other forms of expression.

Masri said the Upper House’s call for a meeting with the prime minister and the Cabinet members aimed to get acquainted with measures taken by the government to tackle “the current difficult situation in the economic, political and social fields.”

He also called for maintaining contacts and coordination between the Senate and the government as partners in shouldering responsibilities as defined in the Constitution in order “to serve the country’s interests and its people and to safeguard the march in a modern democratic spirit”.

Bakhit outlined the government’s efforts to achieve reform on different tracks, outlining measures taken to solve various problems.

“We are taking the initiative and are forging ahead with the reform process within the specified time frames and are working on a parallel level to tackle everyday living and political needs” of the people, Bakhit said. read here

Prime Minister Marouf Bakhit and Senate President Taher Masri speak at a meeting between the Senate and the Cabinet in Amman on Monday (Petra photo)

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