“NATO will fall”.

Pravda. Russia. Opinion.

For a start, the crowd packed into central Tripoli was massive. Eye witness reports of it being one million strong, and 1.7 million the previous Friday, would mean that these are among the largest demonstrations of support for a leader in history.

Muammar Gaddafi then goes on to predict that “NATO will fall”. Given that NATO obviously launched the “rebellion”, arming and aiding thousands of marauding terrorists who proceeded to torch government buildings, destroy private property and run amok, slaughtering people in the streets, impaling young boys and raping little girls, NATO indeed has a lot to account for. Not least is the intended murder of the Colonel himself and the slaughter of his son and three grandchildren.

He added: “The problem is with colonialism. It is with the power of colonialism that you want to capture the oil, you envy the Libyan people, how God gives the oil to the Libyan people”. Indeed, it is Libya’s massive oil (prime quality) and ……..

More:  http://english.pravda.ru/opinion/columnists/11-07-2011/118440-libya_other_side-0/

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