“White Masai” rediscovers passion for Africa

by Gemma d’Urso in Lugano, swissinfo.ch

Thirteen years ago after causing a sensation with her book The White Masai, Corinne Hofmann has returned to the theme of Africa with her new book, Africa, My Passion.

Corinne Hofmann has made her home in Lugano (Keystone)

It tells of an arduous but glorious journey, her experiences visiting slums and her daughter’s first meeting with her Masai father.

Hofmann made a name for herself with the bestselling The White Masai, which told the story of her marriage to a Masai warrior, which eventually broke down in 1990.

Visiting Hofmann in her pretty reed house on the slopes of Monte Bré in Italian-speaking Ticino it is clear that Africa is still close to her heart. Her large sitting room with a view over Lake Lugano is full of pictures, furniture and photographs from Africa.

swissinfo.ch: After The White Masai, Back from Africa and Reunion in Barsolai, your fourth book is again focused on Africa. What is it about?

Corinne Hofmann: My latest book is divided into three parts. The first is an account of trekking I did between May and July 2009 in Namibia, the second tells of my travels around slums in Nairobi in Kenya, where I was introduced to humanitarian aid and social projects, and the third, certainly the most moving, is centred on the first meeting between my daughter Napirai – born July 1, 1989 in Wamba in north Kenya from my marriage with Lketinga, a Samburu warrior [Masai tribe] – and her father and his family

read more http://www.swissinfo.ch/eng/culture/White_Masai_rediscovers_passion_for_Africa.html?cid=30641086

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