Muslim man searched in London for wearing ‘too many clothes’

Source: The Express Tribune

A muslim man was stopped and searched in broad day light in London for wearing too many clothes. The man who has not been named was heading for his Friday prayers, when a woman concerned that he was donning three layers called the cops to search him. He was later hand-cuffed and asked questioned. The lady stated that wearing “two three layers” in this weather seemed suspicious to her, according to Al Jazeera. The police took note of her suspicion and interrogated the man, and found nothing out of ordinary or harmful in his attire. Twitter reacted to this event by sharing disappointment and outrage at the lady and at the London police:



5 replies

  1. … or maybe he’s from tropical climes and feeling cold in the British weather…? Meaning his system has not acclimatized to the weather.

  2. The woman’s reaction is like the ones on planes, who get ‘muslim looking/sounding’ passengers ejected due to their paranoia and extreme IGNORANCE!!!.

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