Day: July 13, 2017

Award winner urges review of Islamic political thought

Source: Arab News JEDDAH: The winner of the King Faisal International Prize 2017 for Islamic Studies, Prof. Ridwan Al-Sayyid, has underscored the importance of revisiting Islamic political thought and heritage in Islamic sources. Al-Sayyid was giving a lecture on Islamic political thinking, organized by the general secretariat of the King […]

‘Muslim believers say ‘one day this will all be ours’ and call it the Great Replacement’: French Archbishop says higher Muslim birth rate is changing the country

Luc Ravel said Muslims ‘tell you in a very calm way’ that ‘France will be theirs’ Term ‘Great Replacement’ has previously been used by writer Renaud Camus  Ravel said abortion is ‘not only conceded but promoted’ and he ‘cannot accept it’ France’s Muslim population is about 4.71m, according to Pew […]

Life of Jesus

Ahmadi Muslims hold the unique belief that Jesus (peace be upon him) survived the crucifixion and travelled towards India to continue his ministry among the Lost Tribes of Israel. Furthermore, they claim that his tomb, containing his body, has been recently re-discovered in India where it can be seen to […]