Day: July 24, 2017

Five injured in Swiss chainsaw attack

Source: ET GENEVA: A man armed with a chainsaw injured at least five people in an attack in a Swiss town on Monday, local media reported. The Blick news site said police, ambulances and a helicopter had rushed to the scene in Schaffhausen and had sealed off the area. Witnesses, including a […]

The end of Lebanon

Source: Arab News: The battle of Jaroud Arsal, launched by Hezbollah on the Lebanese-Syrian border, has multiple goals. This battle was waged after a primary Russian-US agreement regarding safe zones in Syria. Iran apparently did not welcome this agreement, thinking it marginalized Tehran; its discontent was manifested in efforts to […]

Are Europe’s Muslims the new Jews?

YAHYA BOSTAN@yahyabostan Published July 2, 2017 Participants carry a banner reading “Muslims and Friends against Terror and Violence” as they take part “The Not With Us” rally against the rising anti-Islam sentiment and extremism in Cologne, Germany, June 17. It is important for European leaders to call it as they see […]

Jerusalem: Reason needs to prevail

Jul 23,2017 – JORDAN TIMES EDITORIAL The UN Security Council is scheduled to hold an emergency meeting on the fast-deteriorating situation in East Jerusalem as a result of Israel’s grave violations of the legal and historical status of the holy places there, especially of Al Aqsa Mosque. The site has been the […]