7 German habits that foreigners really struggle to cope with

Source: The Local

1. They are very direct

Some cultures wind everything they say into convoluted sentences, for fear of being thought rude. In China, saying ‘no’ to people directly can cause terrible offence. That great ambassador of Britishness, Hugh Grant, can’t finish a sentence without stuttering “I’m so terribly sorry.” Germans are quite the opposite: cut the small talk, and say it straight. “Pass the salt” will do nicely and won’t come across as impolite. In our book they even make the Dutch look shy. And it’s not just trivial conversation either. You can meet someone in a bar, and rather than exchanging niceties, the first question will be: “So why did you Brits vote for Brexit?”  It may take time to get used to it, but you do eventually realize it’s not impolite. In fact, you’ll soon realize it saves quite a lot of time!


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