Day: July 21, 2017

Canada: Kincardine Ahmadi Muslim opens up with ‘Introduction to Islam’ column

Source: | Farah Ahmad/Contributor My name is Farah Ahmad, and I reside in the Kincardine community. I represent the Ahmadiyya Muslim Community, whose slogan is “Love for All, Hatred for None.” The misconceptions about my religion have unfortunately caused fear in people’s hearts which is apparent. The purpose behind writing these […]

USA: Angry Georgia Mayor threatens atheist with arrest over police car logo in god we trust

Angry Georgia Mayor Threatens Atheist With Arrest July 19, 2017 by Michael Stone 59 Comments An angry small town mayor in Georgia is threatening an atheist with arrest after atheist complains about “In God We Trust” stickers going on police vehicles. Mayor Gary Jones is angry that an atheist is complaining about […]

Worldwide Head of Lahore Ahmadiyya Movement to visit the UK

Source: News provided by The Ahmadiyya Anjuman Ishaat Islam Lahore (United Kingdom) on Friday 21st Jul 2017 Dr Abdul Karim Saeed, worldwide head of the Lahore Ahmadiyya Association for the Propagation of Islam is due to to visit the UK during July and August 2017. The Ahmadiyya Association for the Propagation of […]

Urdu Poetry: Why Ghalib asked questions in his poetry?

By Dr. Khalid Sohail , Toronto ………….. غالب سوال کیوں پوچھتا تھا ؟  18-07-2017 ڈاکٹر خالد سہیل 451 Views Dr Sohail ویسے تو یہ ایک عام مشاہدے کی بات ہے کہ ہر انسانی بچہ اپنی ذات‘ فطرت اور ماحول کو سمجھنے کے لیے اپنے بزرگوں سے سوال پوچھتا ہے لیکن یہ بھی ایک […]

Obama’s tweet to John McCain about his diagnosis was the last thing cancer survivors wanted to see

Our unthinking characterisation of cancer as a ‘battle’ hands responsibility for recovery to the patient – and creates the notion that only the ‘strong’ or ‘deserving’ survive Anthony Wilson Glancing through Twitter this morning, I noticed a friend of a friend responding to Barack Obama’s tweet in support of Senator John McCain who […]