Worldwide Head of Lahore Ahmadiyya Movement to visit the UK


News provided by The Ahmadiyya Anjuman Ishaat Islam Lahore (United Kingdom) on Friday 21st Jul 2017

Dr Abdul Karim Saeed, worldwide head of the Lahore Ahmadiyya Association for the Propagation of Islam is due to to visit the UK during July and August 2017.

The Ahmadiyya Association for the Propagation of Islam is based in Lahore in Pakistan. It has branches in many countries throughout the world. The ethos of the Association is to promote the true teachings and spirit of Islam. Islam teaches Muslims to struggle to establish a peaceful world where each individual is free to follow any religion (s)he chooses and where members of all faiths respect each other and live together as friends. Our views are not to be dismissed as a mere recent development devised in order to try to deceive people regarding the true teachings of Islam. Rather, we have been promoting this message since 1914.

World Ameer of Lahore Ahmadiyya Association Hazrat Dr Abdul Kareem Saeed

The World Ameer of our organization, Hazrat Ameer Dr Abdul Kareem Saeed will be visiting the UK from 22 July 2017 to 14 August 2017. He will be leading the Friday services during his time in the UK at 15 Stanley Avenue, Wembley, London HA0 4JQ. Everyone, Muslim and non-Muslim, is welcome to attend these services. To arrange an interview with Hazrat Ameer, please telephone or write to us at the Wembley address.

  • The Ahmadiyya Association for the Propagation of Islam (Ahmadiyya Anjuman Ishaat Islam) was established in 1914 at Lahore to promote the informed understanding of Islam in the West. In the UK it operated the Shah Jehan Mosque in Woking until the early 1960s. Its new UK headquarters is at the above address. In 1924, it built the first mosque on the Continent at Berlin. This mosque is now recognised by the German government as part of German heritage. From its European, and other centres around the world this organisation has taught that Islam promotes peace, harmony and mutual respect between all communities and nationalities.

Press release distributed by Pressat on behalf of The Ahmadiyya Anjuman Ishaat Islam Lahore (United Kingdom), on Friday 21 July, 2017. For more information subscribe and follow

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