Day: July 23, 2017

Iraq: Fleeing IS militant got his eyeshadow and lipstick right but forgot to shave

By News Desk Published: July 22, 2017 86SHARES SHARE TWEET EMAIL In photos released by the Iraqi army after his capture, the man can be seen to have slathered on powder, eyeshadow and lipstick, even adding some beauty spots.PHOTO:MAIL ONLINE An Islamic State militant tried escape Mosul disguised as a woman, but was […]

Canada says no threat to CM Amarinder Singh, closes investigation

Chandigarh, July 23 Citing non-availability of “sufficient evidence”, the Canadian government has told India that there is no threat to Punjab Chief Minister Amarinder Singh and has concluded its investigation into the matter. (Follow The Tribune on Facebook; and Twitter @thetribunechd) In a communication to the Indian authorities, Canada’s Department of Foreign Affairs, Trade […]

Good and Evil

Friday Sermon: Good and Evil March 11th, 2016 ‘O ye who believe! follow not the footsteps of Satan, and whoso follows the footsteps of Satan should know that he surely enjoins immorality and manifest evil. And but for the grace of Allah and His mercy upon you, not one of […]

All for a good reason?

Jul 22,2017 – JORDAN TIMES EDITORIAL President Donald Trump decided to end the CIA’s “covert” programme to train and arm certain rebel groups considered moderate and operating in Syria to overthrow the regime of Syrian President Bashar Assad. No reasons were offered for this decision that was first reported by […]