Qatar crisis strains Saudi-led Arab alliance in Yemen war

By Reuters – Jul 20,2017 – JORDAN TIMES


Members of the Popular Resistance militia backing Yemen’s President Abed Rabbo Mansour Hadi ride on the back of a truck as they head to the frontline of fighting against forces of Houthi rebels in Makhdara area of Marib province, Yemen, on June 28 (Reuters photo)


DUBAI — A crisis between Qatar and four Arab countries is straining a Saudi-led coalition backing Yemen’s government in a two-year war against Iranian-aligned Houthis and slowing the alliance’s military advances.

At the heart of the crisis is the accusation that Qatar supports the Muslim Brotherhood, an Islamist movement that coalition mainstays Saudi Arabia and the United Arab Emirates have designated a terrorist group.

But Yemen’s government is packed with supporters of the Islah party, an affiliate of the Muslim Brotherhood, threatening the unity of the alliance which has already been weakened by the withdrawal of Qatar’s forces after the row erupted on June 5.

“The Gulf rift has cast a shadow on the government and could split it as ministers linked to Islah sympathise with Qatar,” a senior official in the Yemeni government, who asked not to be named, told Reuters.


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