Drinking Liquor Without Getting Drunk Not Sinful: Islamic Scholar

In a sharp contradiction to what is common among Muslims, Khaled Al Gendy, a famous Islamic cleric and a member of the Supreme Council for Islamic Affairs, stated that drinking liquor without getting drunk is not sinful.

“If the same alcoholic drink was consumed by one person without getting drunk, it is not haram, while being consumed by another person to drunkenness makes it haram [for this person],” the sheikh said, highlighting the difference between drinking liquor and getting drunk.

During a talk show on DMC TV channel, Al Gedy said that getting drunk is haram, sinful and forbidden in Islam, and all Islamic sharia laws related to the punishment apply to getting drunk as a consequence of drinking alcoholic beverages

MORE:   https://egyptianstreets.com/2017/02/13/drinking-liquor-without-getting-drunk-not-sinful-islamic-scholar/

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  1. Abstaining from something potentially harmful is easier to do than putting on the brakes and observing moderation. Especially when it’s effects would be lowering one’s defenses as one continues to drink without yet getting ‘drunk’.

    Drinking alcohol is usually done in a social setting and the attitude of buying rounds leads to getting drunk. Either way, who is to decide about the level of ‘drunkenness’, from the Islamic point of view?

    And why should one drink alcohol anyway, when the Qur’an forbids it? Even in small amounts, it lowers one’s resistance to say no to any subsequent offer which then and can lead to other vices, of course!

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