US-led coalition says more to do in Syria after Daesh loses Raqqa

US-backed forces successfully route Daesh from several areas since their creation in 2014

By AFP – Jul 24,2017 – JORDAN TIMES


Syrians clear up the rubble of their houses that were destroyed during clashes on the outskirts of Raqqa, on Wednesday, as Syrian Democratic Forces, a Kurdish-Arab alliance, are battling to retake the city from Daesh group fighters (AFP photo)

AIN ISSA, Syria — The US-led coalition will have “a great deal more” to do in Syria even after defeating the Daesh terror group in its northern Raqqa bastion, a deputy commander of the coalition said Sunday.

“Daesh is not defeated with the liberation of Raqqa. The defeat of Daesh was not completed with the liberation of Mosul” in Iraq, British Major General Rupert Jones told reporters.

Speaking in the town of Ain Issa 50 kilometres north of Raqqa, Jones said: “We know as an international coalition there’s still a great deal more to do here in Syria.”

He said that the US-backed Arab-Kurdish alliance known as the Syrian Democratic Forces “have proved themselves to be a reliable counter-Daesh partner”.

“We will continue to work with the Syrian Democratic Forces to complete the defeat of Daesh,” Jones said.


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  1. US commander: “Unfortunately we could not delay further to win in Raqqa, but do not worry, we will find other reasons to stay in Syria”. Yes, we know …

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