Tolerance, respect and compassion.

Source. Dawn

Firstly, we need to cast away any dated desire of cultivating a homogenous Muslim nation and accept the fact that Pakistan is and shall remain a multi-religious, multi-cultural, multi-lingual and multi-ethnic state. Our children should be taught to appreciate this diversity, not distrust it.

Secondly, we must make a conscious effort to ensure that our textbooks are purged of historical inaccuracies and biases. History does not need to be sugar-coated, it can remain ugly and bitter. Perhaps if this is the case, we may actually extract something of value from it.

And lastly, we must ensure that the entire focus of our efforts is to instil in our children the most basic, the most elementary and the most clichéd of notions — tolerance, respect and compassion.


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  1. @ Zubair Khan: You have not taken note of my posts, at the back of the trouble round the world (rise highlighted: Iraq to date), TWO BOOKS:: BIBLE and QURAN.

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