Day: June 18, 2016

The Hollow Alliance

Source: Time By Ian Bremmer The historic concord between the U.S. and Europe made the West safe and rich. Now it’s in danger of collapse For decades, the transatlantic partnership has been crucial tointernational security and the stability of the global economy. Through organizations like NATO, U.S. and European leaders have […]

Orlando: the trials of identity

Source. ET Tornados can wreak plenty of havoc though they can be predicted. But what do you do when deadly weather patterns become wholly unpredictable. One moment you’re lying on a beach, next moment you’re running for your life. This seems more like the case now with religion-inspired terrorism. Calm […]

Greed and desire: The new face of Ramazan?

Source.Dawn.Com Remember everything your parents, grandparents, maulvi sahab and Islamiyat teacher taught you about Ramazan? Now try and forget it please because there seems to be no room for those teachings anymore in this country. Tune in to one of our many local Ramazan transmissions on television and learn everything […]

“Muslim Sounding Names”

Source.MVSLIM.COM Multiple sources have now confirmed that Omar Mateen, the shooter of the Orlando massacre, was himself gay. He often visited Pulse, the popular gay nightclub that he committed the massacre in. Eyewitness reports suggest that Mateen would get so drunk at the bar that bouncers would have to kick […]

80% of hotel rooms in Makkah reserved

ARAB NEWS | Published — Saturday 18 June 2016 Paid reservations reached 124,000 rooms, of a total of 155,000 rooms in the central area for the first 10 days of Ramadan. (SPA)   MAKKAH: Reservations at hotels in the central area in Makkah registered their highest operational capacity this year, […]