Hamza Ali Abbasi and the issue of Ahmadis

Hamza Ali Abbasi and the issue of Ahmadis | thenewstribe.com

By Saqib Gul | ثاقب گل @SaqibGul01

The moment Hamza Ali Abbasi announced to conduct a program for Ahmadis he has been subject to fury from Muslims. Such a reaction is naturally legitimate because we have known Ahmediyya religion since the time of its inception and we are well informed about its fundamental beliefs. With passage of time, conditions and methods are changed to suit best and Ahmadiyya religion also have changed its methods of propagation with time that they now represent themselves as the most oppressed people in Pakistan and label their beleifs to be “True Islam”. Hamza Ali Abbasi have raised a valid question arguing why can’t we give them their rights as Non-Muslim like Hindus and Christians who have their legal rights in Pakistan? Moreover he says that we can discuss freely about Hinduism and Christianity but we dislike discussing Ahmadiyyat.

Our response to this is that there are number of reasons for such an attitude from Muslims in general and one of the main reason is the dual identity Ahmadiyya possess. An example can be taken that we in Pakistan don’t mind if an Indian comes to Pakistan and lives in for an unlimited period, he will have his rights as an expat within Pakistan which we will honor. But if an Indian possessing Indian nationality acquires a Pakistani passport and stays here labeling as a Pakistani but he is dutiful to India, then as long as his identity is hidden it will work for him but once it is exposed then he will definitely not be liable to the rights that he would’ve had otherwise. The reason is not because he is an Indian or our hatred for India but the reason is the dual identity. Same is the case with Ahmadiyya that their fundamental beliefs are different, their religion is different, they have their own separate understanding of Quran, separate understanding of Hadith, their last Messenger is different, the one who doesn’t believe in that Messenger is considered out of the fold of Islam by them and with all these major differences with Muslims if they go on to introducing themselves as ‘True Islam’, or ‘Genuine Islam’ or ‘True Muslims’ then they will also not be given the rights that are given to other Non-Muslims like Hindus or Christians because a Hindu will claim his identity to be a Hindu and Christian will claim to be Christian unlike Ahmadis. And this is one of the main reasons why Ahmadis have been unable to acquire their rights like other Non-Muslim minorities. And the law passed in Pakistan regarding them that they are Non-Muslims did not came in just any random day but their Khalifa Mirza Nasir Ahmad was given opportunity to present their beliefs and proper proceedings took place before issuing the law about them.

Now a question is often been asked that does state has the right to restrict a community to believe in something and stop them from following it? Its answer is no but with that if a person believes in something and wrongly give it a label of Islam and as a result the feelings of majority people who are Muslims gets hurt then state will definitely act against it because over here the rights of majority will be preferred. And this was the reason why government of Pakistan took military action against such movements. Now these movements can also claim that they have the right to believe freely in whatever they want to, but if they are affecting the nation negatively then government will definitely stop them by all means although these movements and its people are also part of this nation.

So it is a request to all Muslims not to object the questions raised by Hamza Ali Abbasi but take this as an opportunity and participate in that program and respond to his questions positively and inform him about the beliefs of Ahmadis. So be positive and respond back with same tactic.

The blogger is a student of Comparative Religion. He tweets at @SaqibGul01

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  1. Very naive analysis by a pseudo-intellectual.

    Who should answer about the Ahmadiyya Muslim beliefs? And Ahmadi Muslim Scholar or one of the government certified so called muslims of the rest of the 72 sects?

    With this approach this stupid man is feeding fuel to the ennemies of Islam and this is how:

    Tomorrow if a christian majority country claims that Jesus ( son of God) and Holy Mary ( mother of God) only belong to christians and as such they will no longer allow Muslims to publish Qurans with the names of their holy personages in them; How will the certified Pakistani Muslims respond without being hypocritical?

    And tomorrow if the government of Iran decides that anybody who claim that Abu Bakr Siddique, Umar bin Khattab, Uthman Ghani and Ayesha were pious/ sincere people will be declared as Non muslims!!! Then tell me how Muslims should react without being hypocritical?

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