Day: June 24, 2016

Couple copulating on bridge shut down Autobahn

Source: The Local   A drunk 28-year-old and his equally sloshed 18-year-old girlfriend clambered onto one of the arches of the Kaiserlei Bridge in Frankfurt at around 11am on Thursday “and didn’t just enjoy the view,” according to police. Drivers approaching the bridge, which crosses the mighty Main river, spotted the […]

Zika vaccine maker’s stock is on fire

Source: CNN by Paul R. La Monica There is no cure for the Zika virus. But investors are betting two companies may have a vaccine that can successfully treat the mosquito-borne disease. Inovio and South Korea-based GeneOne Life Science announced Monday that they received approval from the U.S. FDA to […]

David Cameron resigns: Prime Minister announces he will step down after UK votes for Brexit

‘The country requires fresh leadership to take it in that direction’ Oliver Wright Political Editor @oliver_wright 145 comments David Cameron has announced he is quitting as Prime Minister after Britain voted to leave the European Union after a nearly half a century. SEE VIDEO HERE: In a statement outside […]