Day: June 12, 2016

Oppression of Ahmadis

Source.ET The actor and social activist questioned the oppression of Ahmadis. PHOTO: FACEBOOK Hamza Ali Abbasi has arrived everyone. Practice makes perfect. After numerous social media posts that only received the ire of many, Hamza has finally done something many in his position wouldn’t dare to — question the oppression of […]

France: Arab history: Fraxinet

Fraxinet From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia The “plateau of Moors” near Fraxinet Fraxinet or Fraxinetum (Arabic: فرخشنيط Farakhshanīt‎‎ or فرخسة Farakhsha, from Latin fraxinus: “ash tree“, fraxinetum: “ash forest”) was the site of a 10th-century fortress established by Muslims at modern La Garde-Freinet, near Saint-Tropez, in Provence. The modernMassif des […]

The untold story of the deaths at Hajj

Iranian diplomat Ghadanfar Rokonabadi disappeared after being caught up in the mass panic on last year’s Hajj pilgrimage to Mecca Robert Fisk @indyvoices He was smart, occasionally humorous and detailed in his replies to my questions. Officially, he was an attaché at Iran’s high-walled, black-painted embassy in Beirut, but back in 1996 I […]

Dreams of My Muslim Son

Source. NY Times. LONG before I came to the United States, I was fascinated by the American electoral process. I grew up in Pakistan in the 1980s, during the brutally repressive military dictatorship of President Mohammad Zia ul-Haq, when fear crushed hope. Finding old copies of Time magazine in my […]