Day: June 23, 2016

The ban on Hamza Ali Abbasi and Shabbir Abu Talib will be lifted after the airing of apology.

Source: ISLAMABAD: Pakistan Electronic Media Regulatory Authority (Pemra) on Monday directed two televison channels to air an apology for airing “irresponsible” comments during their Ramazan transmission. According to a notification issued by Pemra, Aaj TV and News One have assured that they will air a formal apology to “curtail the […]

The Millennial Running Saudi Arabia

Source: The daily Beast Saudi Arabia’s Prince Mohammed bin Salman, the 30-year-old son of the king and ever more obviously the heir apparent, is just winding up a fairly low profile public relations tour of the United States. Last week he met with President Barack Obama in Washington. This week […]

Tehran changes horse midstream in Syria

Source. A Times. Tehran’s surprise move on June 10 to give National Security Council Admiral Ali Shamkhani an additional pivotal role has opened up some possibilities to consolidate the Syrian ceasefire and galvanize the peace process. US Secretary of State John Kerry is seeing winds of change in Iranian thinking on Syria. Tehran’s second […]

Pakistanis Have A Moral Responsibility To Stand By Ahmadi Muslims Posted: 06/20/2016 4:12 pm EDT Updated: 06/20/2016 4:59 pm E By Junaid Jehangir,Assistant Professor – MacEwan University, USA When a popular TV talk show host in Pakistan, Hamza Ali Abbasi, questioned the right of the state to brand a minority Muslim group as non-Muslim, social media went ablaze with calls for Abbasi’s death. […]

How two gay dads start a family

Source. The Local Logan and his German husband Niclas Wagner receive almost all the benefits of a heterosexual couple starting a new family in Germany: they get Kindergeld (children support money) from the government, Wagner was granted parental leave from his work at an advertising firm and little Neo boasts […]

Rethinking Robin Hood

COLUMNS Rethinking Robin Hood Angus Deaton | Published — Thursday 23 June 2016   International development aid is based on the Robin Hood principle: Take from the rich and give to the poor. National development agencies, multilateral organizations, and NGOs currently transfer more than $135 billion a year from rich […]

Ignorant US involvement

Jun 22,2016 – JORDAN TIMES – MICHAEL JANSEN The message 51 US diplomats and officials, many said to be Middle East specialists, sent via the “Dissent Channel” to State Department top brass shows that service in this region does not necessarily prove to be informative or promote understanding.  In this […]