Day: June 7, 2016

Why I Just Can’t Shake Your Hand

  by Labeeb Ahmed An incredible amount of controversy and interest has been generated regarding the refusal of two Muslim students in Therwil, Switzerland to shake hands with their female teacher, and the subsequent threat of a 5,000 dollar fine by Swiss authorities to the parents of students who withhold […]

Who has the best nationality?

GLOBAL RANKING Who has the best nationality? By Simon Bradley JUN 2, 2016 – 12:00 The QNI measures the opportunities and limitations that nationalities impose on citizens (AFP) Can you independently measure the value of a person’s nationality? A new index has tried, ranking nations according to economic and development […]

A greying planet from north to south

By Duc-Quang Nguyen JUN 6, 2016 – 15:32 The ageing population is increasing at an unprecedented rate. If the phenomenon only affected developed economies in the past, now it has a worldwide effect. Pensions, health costs, lower economic growth … Through a weekly series of graphics, will help explain […]

A beginner’s guide to Ramadan

Associated Press | Published — Monday 6 June 2016 El Mesaharty Hussien wakes up residents for their pre-dawn meals during the first day of Ramadan in Cairo, Egypt, on Monday. (REUTERS/Amr Abdallah Dalsh) Millions of Muslims around the world on Monday marked the start of Ramadan, a month […]