The Woman Who Might Change The Future Of Sports

bosnian basket ball player


Leader. Professional basketball player. Inspirer. Motivational speaker. President of Global Aktivne. Humble and admirable human being. These are merely some of the many influential and resilient titles Indira Kaljo holds.

This Bosnian-American Muslim who played college basketball for Tulane University, began challenging FIBA’s ban on religious headwear after she was not allowed to play professionally in Europe due to her hijab. She knew that she was a great athlete, but the hijab and her faith became a factor in the athletic world. Rather than holding back and quitting she began fighting towards the right to play no matter what.

Along with working on campaigns for FIBA to allow the hijab, she has started an organization known as Global Aktivne and she is constantly striving to make it easier for other individuals that may face the same challenges as an athlete. Not only this, but she is working on other projects that promote spiritual and physical wellbeing, while actively being an important voice for the Muslim community.


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