Gambia: Lote

In traditional medication, Lote Tree is believed to have numerous medicinal values. The leaves, fruit, roots and bark of the tree are all used for various kinds of treatments. Its valuable properties have been realised since ancient times.

From research, we have understood that the leaves of the plant can cure but can also harm when misused. A traditional medical Doctor told us that the leave is used to cure high blood pressure by boiling and drinking it, saying plenty of it shouldn’t be taken for it can run someone out of blood too. We were also made to understand that the leaves can cure wounds and skin diseases.

The tree that goes with its scientific name Zizphus, is severally mentioned in the Quran as one of the plants of paradise. It’s found virtually in every part of the world, mainly in the Middle East.

It is also confirmed to us by few herbalists that the leaves of the tree has so many benefits, even though people might not still know all. We have learnt that it was used by many in the olden days and it is still benefiting people in this present generation.

The leaves can also be used to create shampoo and conditioner by drying and grinding it to a powder, then mixed with water to make a thick paste. It has proven to have dramatic effects to hair care as it makes hair soften and protected from diseases.


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