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  1. At Minsk peace. On ground fierce fighting. Future indicate preparation for big bout. What hypocrats are ruling this planet.

  2. I pray that those A-10 aircraft are not needed. They are seriously lethal weapons. They are arguably the best ground-support air platforms in the world. And, yes, tanks stand no chance against them. Actually, they have been described as ‘Flying Tanks’ themselves. I’ve personally inspected one up close and talked to pilots and ground crews. They are mostly flown by Reservists and Air National Guard pilots who normally fly commercial aircraft in their normal jobs. There was an Air National Guard (state controlled) squadron in a city I lived in here in Michigan… Again, may they never have to fight in Europe.

  3. Its a symbolic gesture at best, and if it did develop into actual combat against Russian forces, who would have complete air superiority across any European theatre of war, then the U.S would have foreseen that and made sure they sent enough body bags over with the A10’s
    These aircraft work best when facing normal American enemies such as Afghan goat herders or Iraqi taxi drivers, a military opponent that is motivated skilled and technical equivalent of the U.S on battlefield would force an escalation to Nuclear in short order due to the humiliation and destruction U.S forces would surely suffer, an Austrian Painter and French Corporal both suffered similar delusions.

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