Day: February 9, 2015

Who created the mess?

 S.H. MOULANA, RIYADH ARABNEWS.COM Published — Tuesday 10 February 2015 This is with reference to the report “Prince Charles says he fears for Christians in Middle East” (Feb. 9). I believe that it is mainly due to the wrong policies and actions of Tony Blair and George Bush that […]

Muslim group fights prejudice  FITCHBURG — Members of the Ahmadiyya Muslim Community are waging what they call an awareness campaign against extremism and radicalization in an effort to show that radical jihadists are far removed from the true teachings of Islam. Furqan Mehmud, regional youth leader for Ahmadiyya communities in the Fitchburg and […]

Indian Urdu Daily Advocates Murdering Apostates

Indian Urdu Daily Advocates Murdering Apostates: ‘The First Interpreter of the Quran, Prophet Muhammad, Has Clearly Ordered the Killing of a Person Becoming Apostate’   Provided by The Middle East Media Research Institute, January 4, 2015 In recent months, and especially after the government of Prime Minister Narendra Modi came […]