Persecution in Pakistan 2014: A Report

Extremists in Pakistan murdered eleven Ahmadi Muslims in faith-based attacks during 2014.


Persecution in Pakistan: Ahmadiyya Muslims martyred in 2014

Persecution in Pakistan: Ahmadiyya Muslims martyred in 2014

In one incident, a mob of 150 attacked an Ahmadi Muslim neighbourhood in Gujranwala and locked a group of Ahmadi Muslims in a house before setting it alight, killing one lady, two children and an unborn child.

Other attacks included police taking an Ahmadi Muslim man into custody for practicing his ‘blasphemous’ faith, before allowing a local boy access to his cell, where he shot the prisoner of conscience dead.

In another instance, an American Ahmadi Muslim cardiac surgeon traveled to Pakistan on a three-week humanitarian mission, before being brutally murdered for his faith. Extremists show no respect to those who serve Pakistan; a retired member of the Pakistan Air Force, Lateef Alam Butt, was murdered for his faith in his hometown.

Despite the continued persecution, Ahmadi Muslims in Pakistan and around the world respond only through prayer, patience and law-abiding means. In the linked pdf we present a full report on the Ahmadi Muslims who were martyred for their faith in 2014.

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