Day: February 23, 2015

Healing our sectarian divide

Dawn: SHIKARPUR on Jan 30, Peshawar on Feb 13, Rawalpindi on Feb 18. In less than three weeks, suicide bombers have targeted three imambargahs packed with worshippers. Outside of Syria and Iraq, Pakistan is the world’s deadliest country for Shia Muslims. Hazara are fleeing Balochistan, and barricades surround segregated Shia […]

What ISIS Really Wants

The Islamic State is no mere collection of psychopaths. It is a religious group with carefully considered beliefs, among them that it is a key agent of the coming apocalypse. Here’s what that means for its strategy—and for how to stop it. By Graeme Wood Source: The Atlantic What is the […]

Toronto: Muslim Charities donating to local charities

Muslim charities look to give back locally Toronto’s Muslim Welfare Centre has led the trend, but other Islamic charities are now following suit, after years of focusing on international aid. Share on Facebook ! From left, coordinator Tahmina Begum and administrator Sherri Sieh of the Highcastle school snack program for […]

AFRICA : The Spy Cables: A glimpse into the world of espionage Secret documents, leaked from numerous intelligence agencies, offer rare insights into the interactions between spies.

STORY HIGHLIGHTS The Spy Cables are one of the most wide-ranging leaks of intelligence papers ever, taking us into the world of espionage Al Jazeera’s Investigative Unit, in collaboration with The Guardian newspaper, is publishing a selection of “top-secret” documents, and exploring the stories within them The documents come from […]