Mexico: Ahmadiyya Muslim leadership from USA visits newly established mission in Merida, Yucatán

‘We are going to win the hearts of people with our actions, showing love, respect, showing them with facts what Islam teaches and so we are going to be able to show you the beauties of this religion.’


Naseem Mahdi in Mexico

Naseem Mahdi in Mexico

Led by the national vice president of the Ahmadiyya Muslim Community of the United States, Naseem Mahdi, a delegation of the specialists and senior officials of the community visited the location of the Ahmadiyya Mission in Mexico, based in Merida, Yucatán, with the intention to strengthen the work of the center and promote projects such as the construction of schools and hospitals.

During the interview with the US’ number two man of the religious organisation that holds together more than 160 million Muslims worldwide, Mr Mahdi assured that this organization came to stay in Merida permanently, “which is the hour of Islam in Mexico and Latin America.”

“We are going to stay forever. We are not an organization that comes one day and gone tomorrow. We are here and we will continue with our mission,” he expressed while explaining that the religious community practically has a presence all the world — but in particular, on the African continent where the community has worked for promotion of education and health services.

The US Delegation in Mexici

The US Delegation in Mexici

He explained that this religious community maintains a presence in virtually every country especially in Africa, where besides religion has collaborated with the promotion of education and health.

“We have managed to establish ourselves not only in Mexico but in other Latin American countries and we will continue, we will not leave or leave this continent and as we have established the community in other countries it is time for Latin America,” he said.

He considered that there is greater Opening in Mexico and other countries in the Americas to receive the message of Prophet Muhammad.

“We’re going to win the hearts of the people with our actions, showing love, respect, showing with facts what Islam teaches and so we will be able to teach the beauties of religion,” he said.

He said the experience in the process of spreading the message of the Prophet Muhammad in different African countries have been given the key to driving a religion with a sense of human and social development.

He explained that the work of the Ahmadi Muslim community remains in countries where they have established with contributions of millions of followers of that religion which provide between 6 and 10 percent of their income.

Finally, he reiterated that the Ahmadi Muslim community is independent of any Arab government and even their thinking and spread Islam have been persecuted in countries where extremist leaders have created laws to expel them.

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