Day: February 6, 2015

POLITICS : UK court says spies’ Internet surveillance was unlawful Landmark British court ruling says mass surveillance of UK residents gathered by NSA contravened EU human rights norms.

UK spies had acted illegally when they scooped up data on British residents’ online communications that was gathered by the US National Security Agency, a British court has ruled in a landmark judgment against Britain’s security services. But the judges said in the verdict on Friday that now, since details […]

Imam is free to leave

Source: | The controversial Imam in Montreal, Hamza Chaoui believes that democracy and Islam are “parallel lines that never intersect and that the vote is a sin” But he should look at […]

Terrorism is Not Jihad

By Nabeela Ali, who used to work as a professional journalist in Islamabad Pakistan, when journalists were not highly paid in terms of respect and money It’s hard to define terrorism but according to many people when it comes to Muslims, it becomes crystal clear that Muslims are terrorists and Islam […]

Drawing new battle lines

Source:ET New battle lines have been drawn. The military-mullah alliance that shaped and sustained our deeply entrenched policy on Afghanistan and Kashmir is now under severe strain. Secrecy has been an important tool used by the security apparatus to fight the war on terror — much of which was fought […]