Day: February 18, 2015

ISIS Really Wants Power—Not Islam

ISIS Really Wants Power—Not Islam February 18, 2015 by Qasim Rashid Recently The Atlantic published a piece titled, “What ISIS Really Wants.” The lengthy piece makes numerous fallacious claims about ISIS and its relation to Islam and Islamic doctrine. Accordingly, and significantly, it misses the strategy necessary to counter and […]

Qur’an lesson for today: 383. Commandment – Consort with them (wife’s) in kindness // < ![CDATA[ define=function(n,t,i){var u=[],r,f;if(arguments.length===3)window[n]=i.apply(this,u);else{for(i=t,t=n,n="",r=0;r// // // // /handlers/clientstring.mvc?mkt=en-jo&group=wlive&v=17.4.8612.6000&useRequiresJs=False/mail/search.mvc?callback=%24SB.picwResultsCallback0&canary=%2FWXIUjNFSnHjuqQdYIickNACSXTJb4OU66TjFknKQv8%3D0&bicild= 383. Commandment – Consort with them (wife’s) in kindness [4:20] O ye who believe! it is not lawful for you to inherit women against their will; nor should you detain them wrongfully that you may take away part of that which […]

President Obama’s aversion to naming Islamic extremism as the focus of a summit this week has drawn anger & confusion

Washington (CNN)At this week’s summit on combating violent extremists, President Barack Obama hopes to concoct ways to battle a threat made newly relevant by attacks in Western Europe, Canada and Australia. But in planning and describing the event, starting Tuesday in Washington, the White House has consistently avoided naming Islamic […]