Extremism is alien to our values — Queen Rania

AMMAN — Her Majesty Queen Rania on Monday said extremism in all its guises is “alien to our values” and “has no place among us”.queen

Queen Rania made the remark in a televised message sent to the Government Summit held in Dubai under the patronage of UAE Vice President and Prime Minister Sheikh Mohammed Bin Rashid Al Maktoum.

UN Secretary General Ban Ki-moon, as well as a number of officials from around the world attended the summit, titled “Shaping Future Governments”, according to a statement from the Queen’s office.

In her address, Her Majesty explained that the sadness and grief of Jordan, “united in condolence for our martyred Captain Muath Al Kasasbeh, God rest his soul in peace”, kept her from attending the summit in person.

“The Muslim is the man they murdered. The one who observed the pillars of his faith; who honoured his parents; and served his country. A man who made it his mission to defend his country and his faith — a mission he lived and died by,” she added.

Queen Rania noted that there had never been a more pressing need to discuss the future role of governments than today, a time to act to draw a new reality for the Arab Muslim world.

“And there is no better inspiration for ‘changing realities’ than the United Arab Emirates. A country that not only raised towers to the clouds, but elevated the ambitions and determination of its people. A country that has been transformed by the vision of its leadership and the diligence of its citizens, into an internationally competitive oasis of growth and development.”

“We are in a race against time to adopt policies that address the priorities which confront us today: most importantly, to eliminate the ideology of hate and terrorism, not just militarily, but ideologically as well,” she added.

Her Majesty emphasised that education policies in the Arab world need to be changed to ensure quality learning for children, instilling in them “the true values of religion, patriotism, coexistence and hard work”.

In conclusion, Her Majesty urged leaders to move forward, together and fast, “to reach a new, secure reality, one that is founded on coexistence and respect, and whose goal is a decent life for every citizen”.

“Let us shield future generations and arm them with the values of religion, patriotism and knowledge,” Queen Rania said, noting that what is happening is clear evidence that extremism in all its guises is alien to our values.

“It has no place among us, nor in the future we aspire for, which is in your hands today.”


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