Who created the mess?

Published — Tuesday 10 February 2015

This is with reference to the report “Prince Charles says he fears for Christians in Middle East” (Feb. 9).
I believe that it is mainly due to the wrong policies and actions of Tony Blair and George Bush that the situation in the region has come to such a passing.

I would like to request him to inquire from the Christian refugees he met in Amman about how were their lives prior to the 2003 invasion of Iraq.

There was absolute peace and harmony in Iraq. They all lived like one big family enjoying total freedom to practice their faith along with others. The most important position in a Cabinet of an administration, next to the prime minister, is the foreign minister and in Saddam Hussein’s Cabinet the foreign minister was a Christian.

It is not only the Christians but Muslims as well have been internally displaced due to the illegal western intervention. Iraq was a country known for zero-tolerance toward terrorists. Sadly, Bush and Blair have now made that country an eternal killing field.

SOURCE: http://www.arabnews.com/letters/news/702261

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