Why did Sir George Bernard Shaw believe that Prophet Muhammad could solve all the worlds problems today?

The best Western movie or documentary about the prophet:

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“If any religion had the chance of ruling over England, nay Europe within the next hundred years, it could be Islam.”

“I have always held the religion of Muhammad in high estimation because of its wonderful vitality. It is the only religion which appears to me to possess that assimilating capacity to the changing phase of existence which can make itself appeal to every age. I have studied him – the wonderful man and in my opinion far from being an anti-Christ, he must be called the Savior of Humanity.”

“I believe that if a man like him were to assume the dictatorship of the modern world he would succeed in solving its problems in a way that would bring it the much needed peace and happiness: I have prophesied about the faith of Muhammad that it would be acceptable to the Europe of tomorrow as it is beginning to be acceptable to the Europe of today.”

Sir George Bernard Shaw in ‘The Genuine Islam,’ Vol. 1, No. 8, 1936.

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Nom: Well that’s very idiotic of him.
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choko_canyon: Why did he BELIEVE it? Why does anyone believe anything, silly?
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Nebulous: Even clever people can be wrong at times, even stupid people can be right sometimes.

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  1. With all due respect to mr shaw, it seems he has not studied the origins if the koraan which was originally written by Warqa bin nawfal and hermit Buhaira who used Muhammad as their marionates to control Arabia and take revenge from the church.

      • allah the DECEIVER IS A SINFUL CREATED BEING and his one and only so called prophet SINNER mohammed was a GOD CURSED REPROBATE

    • Your knowledge of Islam is sooo poor that I am speechless to answer it… If you read the Glorious Quran you will see that Islam is not and was never an enemy of Christianity or any other Church.. in fact, Prophet Muhammad (PBUH) made sure that Christians and Jews were given protection… I can go on and on but you do not sound like an intellectual or intelligent person for me to discuss this issue any further… May you be guided to the truth… Ameen.

    • Please read what one of the most famous people wrote about Prophet Muhammad (PBUH) and there are a many others who also wrote beautifully about him… this is only one of them.

      Michael Hart in ‘The 100, A Ranking of the Most Influential Persons In History,’ New York, 1978.

      “My choice of Muhammad to lead the list of the world’s most influential persons may surprise some readers and may be questioned by others, but he was the only man in history who was supremely successful on both the secular and religious level. …It is probable that the relative influence of Muhammad on Islam has been larger than the combined influence of Jesus Christ and St. Paul on Christianity. …It is this unparalleled combination of secular and religious influence which I feel entitles Muhammad to be considered the most influential single figure in human history”.

      and you can see more famous people who wrote about him in this link..

    • your answer has no relation of the reality that Mr. Shaw discovered before you born ,please if you surrounded with ignorance don’t spread it

    • Anything that is against our considered opinion based upon our years long association or bias against other people even our own countrymen or nations or religions is rejected forthwith, no matter it is said by Shaw or Churchill or a layman. The history of men of past is not examined by the liking and disliking one may have today for their followers . It is essentially to be evaluated on the basis of practices or legacy left behind for the people to come.

    • i totally agree with you. we shudnt believe in a man who got a Nobel Price in 1925 for Literature to know more than a random man online sharing his beliefs, while one of his hands are stuck at his penis.

  2. Muhammad (PBUH) was the best man to walk this earth, along with Jesus and the other prophets. Please read and research before you make baseless claims. Mr.Shaw is right about one thing, if Muhammad (peace be upon him) was alive today he would be able to solve all the problems of this day and age. And in his wisdom he has left us an instruction manual which is the Quran sent down by God himself.

  3. No matter how people cover d truth,truth will surely revealed itself…Alhamdulillah for dis revelation.

  4. Islam is the greatest religion in the world.Those who are deeply criticizing islam they will definitely regret for it. Andre you are very frivolous thinking that. wait and keep on watching your destruction.

  5. ”With all due respect to mr shaw, it seems he has not studied the origins if the koraan which was originally written by Warqa bin nawfal and hermit Buhaira who used Muhammad as their marionates to control Arabia and take revenge from the church”. (Andre)

    All Praise is due To ALLAH. There is no god but HE, The Living, The Just, The Manifest. He is the Administrator without any minister and without consultation with any of His servants. He is First, Who Cannot be described. You are ALLAH, there is no god but thee. O’ Lord, You are the Cherisher and Sustainer of all the worlds You are the Creator and I am a creature. You are the Master and I am a servant. You are the Lord and I am a slave. You are the Provider while I am provided with the sustenance. You are the Giver while I am the beggar. You are the Mighty while I am the weak. You are the Noble while I am humble. May the blessings of ALLAH be upon Muhammad SAWW and His Family the holy and pure. May ALLAH give me the strength to say the truth and guide my brother Andre to the right path of Abraham, Isaac, Ishmael, Jacob, Joseph, Moses, David, Solomon, Jesus Christ and Muhammad SAWW (PEACE BE UPON ALL OF THEM).
    I pray for your guidance my brother Andre, May God Guide you to the path of Jesus A.S. (If you are christian) and to the path of Moses A.s. (If you are Jew) i.e. the path of Muhammad SAWW (ISLAM). Here are some good and valuable information for you my brother, Andre.
    1) Warqa Bin Nawfal- died right in the start of Prophetic Mission of Prophet Muhammad SAWW in about 610 AD when Prophet Muhammad SAWW received his first revelation. Even Warqa could not see Prophet Muhammad SAWW starting preaching to the people of Makkah. So in simple and plain language, so when Warqa wrote Quran tell us the exact time in history and please enlighten us how many times he met with the Prophet Muhammad SAWW to guide him how to capture Arabia- (God Forbids)— ridiculous and laughable?
    2)Warqa was not christian or jew however he had the knowledge of their books. He was the monotheist (Believer of One True God). He used to be proclaiming on the path of Prophet Abraham A.S. and He used to reject the idol worshiping (History of Tabari ”Umum Wal Mamlook”, History of Iban-e-Aseer, ”Al-Kamil Fit Tareekh”).If he was christian, he should have been the preacher of Trinity hypothesis (God is Three Persons but one). And If he was jew, he should have been claiming to be on path of Moses A.S. Please do some research and enlighten me who was he?
    3) Quran was revealed in stages over the time period of 23 years. Quranic revelation period is from 610 AD till 633 AD. Quran has not been revealed conclusively and completely as one book at one time but it has been revealed by God as per the situations and circumstances at hands over the 23 years. It took 23 years for the Quran to be completed as Last and Final Testament of God for all humanity. Warqa Died in roughly 610 AD.
    4) Coming towards Buhaira, He met with the Prophet Muhammad SAWW and His Uncle Abu Talib on their way for trading trip to Syria. At that time Prophet Muhammad SAWW age was around 12. He predicted the Prophethood and Messengership of Prophet Muhammad SAWW and instructed His Uncle Abu Talib to go back to Makkah and keep Prophet save from the Jews because they could hurt him if they would see the signs of His Prophethood (Nabuwat). Abu Talib, His Uncle and Prophet SAWW then came back to Makkah. Only one time Prophet Muhammad SAWW at the age of 12 before starting his Prophetic Mission met Buhaira. Taking your false proposition into consideration, My brother Andre, I want to ask you, Did Buhaira have the ‘knowledge of Unseen’? if your answer is No, then imagine brother, how was Buhaira able to know that 12 year old youngster is coming and he can use him capturing Arabia and taking revenge from church (God Forbids) —Ridiculous? How was Buhaira managed to write one complete book to give to 12 year old boy before their arrival? Could Buhaira not have chosen an adult for task of bringing revolution in arabia for taking revenge from church– Laughable and Ridiculous? How did he manage to explain his whole scheme and strategy to 12 year old boy for bringing revolution in Arabia in just only one short meeting? Please enlighten us from your through and deep research, My beloved brother Andre.
    5) Buhaira could not see the revolution in Arabia. He met Prophet Muhammad SAWW and his uncle only once around roughly 582 AD. And Prophetic Mission started in 610 AD. Buhaira died roughly 25 to 28 years before the start of Prophetic Mission. So for Buhaira, it was all in vain to choose 12 year boy for his mission in Arabia rather he could have chosen an adult or even 50 to 60 years old mature person so at least then he could have seen the destruction of Imaginary and hypothetical church as per your false proposition my brother—- Ridiculous? Does it all not sound silly, illogical, irrational to you My brother and friend Andre.

    6) Suppose for one moment, If Buhaira and Warqa Bin Nawfal had the completely written book like Glorious Quran then rather than hiring someone else for their secret and hidden mission of capturing Arabia for taking revenge from church; they both should have claimed prophethood themselves in the first place and brought revolution in Arabia . Does it make sense to you brother?

    7) Warqa Bin Naufal used to live in Makkah; the centre of residence and headquarter of fierce and staunch polytheist tribes. Warqa Used to interact with the leaders of all tribe. He had friends as well in Makkah. Can it be rational that that he had complete written book but he never read to anyone; he never shared the information of that book with his friends. Different tribes of Makkah had no knowledge of that book. Simply, If Warqa had any written book like Quran He would have shared with others people in Makkah, others would have known it; if not at least Warqa’s friends would have had knowledge about that book. And when Prophet Muhammad SAWW had come with the that book (God Forbids) as per your false proposition brother; all people of Makkah could have said to Prophet that his verses are same as the verses of the book of Warqa but it was not the case. People of Makkah could not make and bring a single verse like Quran whereas there were very big poets and eloquent people among them even Quraish were famous for their eloquence. As a result, Poets and eloquent people had to accept that these verses are not the words of mortals. Please bring me a list of those people in Makkah who had opinion that Quran has taught to Muhammad SAWW by Warqa (God Forbids) if you could.
    8) With all due respect brother, Whatever you said, it is similar to that of Jews say for the Honorable Jesus Christ Peace Be Upon Him. Islam defends Jesus Christ (PBUH) by refuting the lies of Jews, as in the same manner as I have refuted yours’ false proposition- my beloved brother Andre regarding the Pride of Heavens, Well-Wisher of human beings, Teacher of Mankind and the Angels, Pride and Leader of all Previous respected Prophets Including Jesus and Moses, Noah, Abraham, David, Isaac, Jacob, Joseph– Mercy To all mankind, Bearer of 4000 Miracles, —- Prophet Muhammad SAWW (PBUH)

    Here are few books on history, if you want to do thorough research to find out whatever being asked.

    * History by Imam Tabari In English (Tareekh-e-Umam wal Mamlook)
    *History by Imam Ibn-e-Aseer in English ( Al-Kamil Fit Tareekh)
    *History by Imam Ibn-E- Kaseer In English
    *History by Ibn-e-Khaldoon
    *Rise and Fall of Roman Empire by Edward Gibbon
    * History by Will Durant

    I wanted to say loads of things and your false proposition brother but i wrap up my discussion here. I would suggest you to start reading Quran and in 30 Chapters you will find loads of answer to your presented proposition from God Himself. I wish you Good luck and success in your endeavours to venturing into the history to find the truth and reality. If you need any help in your study, Brother you would find me there for you, I would happy to help. Last but not the least, if my any word or expression or sentence hurt you, then I am really sorry for that. I hope you will forgive me. I didn’t mean to hurt you I only wanted to bring some good knowledge and information into your consideration that’s all.

    Good Bye my brother in Humanity

    • Beautiful,convincing,intellectua,detailedl reply..may Allah guide us all to the straight path and give us the understanding of the truth of our existence and in conveying the message of truth to humanity in such comprehsive and beautiful way!!

  6. Thank you philosopher 14 for your writing. It is a noble effort of yours to defend the true religion of Islam. God gaurantees the perpertuity of His Religion and the sanctity of the Quran, we as the Faithfuls, the Believers bear the duty of giving advice and spreading hidayah. Judging from the ways the haters of Islam express their baseless grudge on the internet– shallow, full of spite, with mean words like ‘silly’,
    ‘stupid’, ‘crazy’–we could say that their knowledge of the universal religion is not even ‘the tip of the iceberg’. Whatever knowledge they have is also corrupted. While Muhammad s.a.w says the Holy Book Al-Quran is the word of Allah, they say it is Muhammad’s writing. When they cannot prove it, they start to say it’s another person’s writing…

  7. My dear Andre, do not take the hatred of your non Muslims brothers about Islam to public places, medias , social networks and any other of such. No matter the illiteracy of Bernard Shaw as you claimed, you can bet me that a person like you can never acquire one third of what he had , you can never even overcome him when it cames to research. Though you’ve got lots of facilities now than before, why wouldn’t you take your time researching?,nay, you can’t because Sir BS can never be compared to you. You speak out of nothing whereas he spoke out of knowledge. Tell me this , can you two be compared? Go and sit before scholars for more knowledge my bro.

  8. I wish people like Andre a good guidance from Allah.people will never stop blackmailing the glorious Qur’an and Islam untill death comes to them when there is no turning back.

  9. The knowledge Bernard shaw about Aranian culture-History , the teachings of Mohammed and the Biography of Mohammed is too shallow.Hence we need not give any importance to his opinion,

  10. Pro.Mohammed could not achieve calmness in his family during his life time.After his death His disciples were at war with his family members.How could be set the world at order ? There is blood river flowing in his native places

  11. Salaam Dr.A.Anburaj, Brother Your name shows that you’re a doctor. You must have known the importance of giving proper, valid and concrete ‘reference’ ‘proof’ ‘reason’ and ‘logic’ especially when you put forward something in academic world or anywhere. I am really sorry bro, I cannot give any importance and consideration to your comments on Bernard Shaw as your line of reasoning has apparent flaws, and have no academic reference to support your conclusion.

    However, I want to comment on what you said later.

    ”Pro.Mohammed could not achieve calmness in his family during his lifetime” –

    Brother in your comment the sense of the word ”Calmness” is kind of very vague. Well, I assume you mean ”external peace” from it,, as in most cases ‘calmness’ refers to internal peace such as peace of mind etc. Brother, another thing which is quite vague and ambiguous in your above comment is when you talked about Prophet’s SAWW family ‘do you mean ‘AhlulBait’ or someone else?. If you mean AhlulBait then they experienced extreme peace during the lifetime of Prophet SAWW. There were not a single issue for dispute among AhlulBait during his lifetime and even after him. (You can use my above mentioned historical references to research and test the truthness of my claim).

    Prophet SAWW made numerous peace treaties with his opponents- famous one is SULAH-E-HUDAIBIYA. Almost all ‘no-go’ areas in Arab got wiped out. The incident reported in history books such as Tabari and Ibn-e-Aseer that a woman wearing the gold ornaments and carrying other valuables if used to travel alone from Makkah to Medina, no eyes would be raised to see her; she used to travel with safety and security without any accomplice. This was not the case before Prophet SAWW. All travelling routes were saved and secured and there were no more robberies and snatchings during journey which were very common in Arabia before Prophet SAWW.People of Arabia felt real peace during his lifetime. Prophet SAWW gave real peace of mind to the people of Arabia.

    your next comment:

    ”After his death His disciples were at war with his family members.How could be set the world at order ? There is blood river flowing in his native places”

    First of all, let me accept that there were disputes after Prophet SAWW. But how can this be used to reach the conclusion that Prophet SAWW could not bring the peace because this was after Prophet SAWW or He cannot? If muslims do not follow Quran and Prophet’s SAWW commands and cultivate injustice and shed blood in their lands- would it be rational to say that Prophet SAWW could not bring peace or He wouldn’t restore peace if he were to assume leadership today?

    How Prophet SAWW can be held responsible for muslims’ actions and atrocities? I am responsible for my own actions, and every muslim is responsible for his/her own deeds. How our failure to restore peace in our lands today can lead to conclusion that ‘Prophet SAWW could not bring peace or He wouldn’t restore peace if he were to assume the leadership of the modern world today?

    you said, ”There is blood river flowing in his native places” I just want to ask ‘is it because of Prophet SAWW Na’uzubillah?”

    what happened before and what’s happening now in different muslim countries just only show our own violations of Quranic and Prophet’s SAWW commands.

    I suggest brother please do not see the Noble Character, Personality and life of Prophet SAWW through the lens of muslims’ injustice and atrocities and his opponents’ views. you won’t reach the truth, if you will ever do that. See Prophet SAWW through the lens of Quran, authentic hadith, narrations and correct history.

    Forgive me brother, If my any word, sentence or expression hurt you. I didn’t mean to hurt you, May Allah give you and all of us Hidaya.


  12. Bismilahirrahmanirrahim.
    From my view, I strong believe that Prophet Muhammad (pbuh) can solve the problem that we are facing today.
    Because Allah sent Prophet to earth with the teaching of peace, compassion, love, tolerance, forgiveness, prosperity, justice for all people, liberty with freedom of religion, expression,speech, treat all people fairly regardless his belief, religion, race n gender, there is compulsion in Islam.

    If you kill one person as if you kill the whole mankind, if you save one person from killing, you save whole human being.

    Islam is a peaceful religion, and mercy for all mankind.
    Al Quran is the teaching from Allah, the word of Allah or Creator.
    Prophet Muhammad(pbuh) was His messenger.
    Prophet Muhammad(pbuh) followed Allah’s laws 100 percent. Allah did not allow Prophet Muhammad ( pbuh) to add his words to Allah’s laws.

    At the time of prophet Muhammad(pbuh) there was no the book of Hadith until 200 hears later.

    So Muslim Scholars collected and wrote the Hadith based on allegations. Can you imagine how the ancient Scholars compilled the book of Hadith.

    Frequently people asks, if we do not believe in The book of Hadith how do we know to perform Shalah, fasting and hajji?

    My answers is:

    The brief history of Hadiths
    The Sunnah which was the practice of the prophet (saw) started from the very first day and many watched and copied it from very first day. There were no books of Hadith in those days and everything (salah, Kaabah, zakaat, fasting, hajj) was being done very well without any resource to any Hadith that was due to the Sunnah and it is continued till this day in the Ummah without any break, generation to generation.

    So as long as Muslim Scholars around the world still believe in the book of Hadith as second Resource of Islamic teaching, extremist Muslim will use the false hadith to jutify their act of violence and extremist Muslim will never stop to kill innocent people such as: gay-lesbian, apostate, heresy, blaspheme ( those who insult, contempt Islam or prophet Muhammad ), and infidel under the name of Islam.

    My suggestion is I strongly urge all Muslim scholars to abolish all violent Hadith from the book of Hadith.

    In other word, we, Muslim should reform or correct the book of Hadith.the book of hadith has been defective.
    The book of Hadith is the word of men, so we can correct the book of hadith according to the development and progress of science and tecnology in era 21 st Century.

    If Muslim Scholars no not dare to reform the book of Hadith, Muslim community will remain to live in the time of prophet Muhammad (pbuh).

    As result Muslim can not live peasefully side by side with the modren society. In other word, conflict between old and modren society can not be avoided, as we see today.

    Was Salam.
    With my love

    • Salam Brother. You really should read your comments and make sure that there are no mistakes and correct the grammatical errors. If you can not do it yourself, bring a friend who can help you… One note here is that you said that there is compulsion in Islam… it should be there is NO COMPULSION in Islam.. so please revise and edit your comments here and make sure it is easily understood… I only understood 50% of what you said.. Take care.. Salam…

  13. The worse argument is d argument btw a literate an illiterate cuz mr shaw said from his opinion …..
    Then y wil u insult him with illiterate views
    Better go back nd research b4 saying anything

    Muhammadu Rasulillah….Allahu akbar

  14. The Prophet Muhammed; peace and blessing of Allah be upon him (PBUH), he was a shepherd, a trustful employee, a renowned business man, a best advisor from childhood, a best analyst and planner, a commander, a warier, a leader, a emperor, a best husband, a best father, a best relatives, a best neighbor, a best friend, and prophet…,
    The prophet Muhammed PBUH ruled the Arabian peninsula consists with half of African continent, territories of Rome and Persian emperors in just just his 10 year life after his migration to Madina, Really the prophet Muhammad PBUH is amazing…,
    common is anyone else other than prophet Muhammed (PBUH) like this, sure it not by himself its all by Allah the one and only God.

    please read “The Hundred by Micheal H. Hart” and he explains why he kept prophet Muhammed PBUH in first place http://www.iupui.edu/~msaiupui/thetop100.html?id=61

    There is nothing wrong in the statement of Sir Bernard Shaw, one small mistake Bernard Shaw understand as if prophet Muhammad PBUH is alive now will solve the issues, but really he has already given the total solution for the peaceful happy world til the day this world exists through this life and the book from Allah “The holy Quraan”
    He proved that in his life, one he was ruling peoples were very happy and safe, the Zakath (Islamic financial system) totally removed the poverty.

  15. Asalamunalaikun, It is no longer news that haters of Islam have not been able to give any logical argument against the Prophet (SAW). There have been a number of loopholes in the bible which the have not been able to provide answers to. There only arguments are argainst muslims and not the Religion nor the Quran. My advice to all brothers and sisters in Islam is that ‘unity and peace’ which is the uniquness and greatness that our religion enjoys shoud reflect in our lives.

  16. why d non muslims are arguing on d fact pruvd by all d historian non muslims.If u d non muslim can’t read d Arabic text, go read d translation one. But make sure u’re pure b4 reading it. The Qur’an let us know dat there is no difference among all d prophets; dat is why we muslims blivd in all d prophets of Allah. whereas d Christian neva blivd in Muhammad except few amongst d Christian dat studied d Qur’an perfectly. It is only Qur’an dat speaks about prophet Isa[Jesus] in a wonderful mannered way. But go check d bible looks what it said about Jesus and God u will cry. so without d Qur’an being revealed to Prohet Muhammad[SAW], how would we muslims recorgnise Jesus and other prophets. Dat is why many scholars found out dat d perfect prophet on earth today is prophet Muhammad[SAW]. Read d Qur’an from Baqorah to Naas u wil neva found in it contradictions. But d Bible 2day is not original, is not d real bible givin to Jesus. u can not c d gospel of Jesus on earth again. all d bibles are fabricated.

  17. That quote has been debunked as fake by many people.
    But Shaw did say this about Muhammad and Islam:
    “Islam is very different, being ferociously intolerant. What I may call Manifold Monotheism becomes in the minds of very simple folk an absurdly polytheistic idolatry, just as European peasants not only worship Saints and the Virgin as Gods, but will fight fanatically for their faith in the ugly little black doll who is the Virgin of their own Church against the black doll of the next village. When the Arabs had run this sort of idolatry to such extremes [that] they did this without black dolls and worshipped any stone that looked funny, Mahomet rose up at the risk of his life and insulted the stones shockingly, declaring that there is only one God, Allah, the glorious, the great… And there was to be no nonsense about toleration. You accepted Allah or you had your throat cut by someone who did accept him, and who went to Paradise for having sent you to Hell.”
    ~ George Bernard Shaw

  18. “People like Pasteur and Salk are leaders in the first sense, people like Ghandi and Confucius in one hand, Hitler, Ceaser and Alexander in the other are leaders in the second perhaps the third sense. Ghandi and Budha belong to the 3rd category alone. Perhaps the greatest leader of all times was Mohammed who combined all 3 functions, to a lesser degree Moses did the same.”

    Jules Maserman (Psycho Analyst/Former President of the Psychiatric Association of America), Time Magazine 15 July 2014.

  19. The only problem people have refused to say/see the truth.
    Some one comes out open.
    In wars we would have finish them by sit down and talk peace talk, but others decide to put in more guns to burn more fire.

  20. And I would like to waken up all our islam nations, that they try to devide you but if you were all to think that KABBAH is one there would not have been fight with in our selves.

  21. A lot of salty white folk in the comments y’all the type of people to vote your rights away like you’ve been doing.

  22. the problem of Dr.A.Anburaj(referring to his comments made on 06/09/2015; time:01:15a.m.)is that he is unable to distinguish the “wisdom” that lies between the “inventor” and the “invention(s).” I think it is not because of his shallow thinking(because there is no shallow thinking at al, unless ones allows it)but, because of hatred and his negativity. I remember Dr. Edward De Bono, the father of lateral thinking has ever been quoted as saying that, “negativity is the sole activity opened to a mediocre mind; a mind that is itself unable to create, can only display its talents through criticism of others.” Dr.A.Anburaj has failed to explore what is beyond his own limitation and his own wisdom, and therefore he failed to see the greatness of Prophet Muhammad(p.b.u.h.). As the “inventor” of a car, as an example; it is not the responsibility of the inventor on how the car is used. [And this is the problem of those anti-Muhammad and anti-Islam]. Muhammad(p.b.u.h.), although is NOT the “inventor” of the Holy Quran/Islam(for he is only a prophet of God), has spent 23 years throughout his entire life during his Prophethood. Prophet Muhammad(p.b.u.h.)has laid the foundation(i.e.the Holy Quran and the Hadith)to be strictly followed, not only by his followers, but, to the benefit of humanity as whole.

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