Three Proofs Against Trinity, from the Quran, in Ninety Words

Holy Trinityfresco by Luca Rossetti da Orta, 1738–9 (St. Gaudenzio Church at Ivrea).

By Zia H Shah MD

As Jesus lay dead for three days and three nights, God the Father continued to reign supreme, so Jesus’ ‘divinity’ was redundant, at best.  (Al Quran 5:18)

God the Father has no consort or spouse, so He cannot have a literal son.  (Al Quran 6:102)

Even if Jesus was eternal before, once he died for three days and three nights, according to the Christian count, he is not eternal anymore, hence not part of Eternal Trinity or God the Father.  (Al Quran 57:4)

The concept of Trinity has no legs to stand on


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  1. Very pretty argument. It is good to know about truth from the Holy words of Almighty God Allah.Thank you for good effort my dear Brother Shah Sb.

  2. The church is using ambiguous language (words) in the Bible. Church should use clear meaningful words. One of the problems is the use of the word son for Jesus and the word Father for the Great God.

    They found the use of the word son and father from Jesus so they took it literally and said that Jesus was the son of God.
    Church leaders were not satisfied with making Jesus a son of God. They advanced their theology and said that Jesus was the begotten son of God.
    Then they advanced further and said Jesus was the ONLY BEGOTTEN SON of God.
    I am not sure if in the four gospels there is mention from Jesus that he is begotten son!

    The word begotten is used in the bible. See Mathew chapter 1, verse 1. It is described there “Abraham begat Issac. Issac begat Jacob……..”. We have the word begat available in the bible NT in the very first verse.
    Shall we take that God the father also begat Jesus in the same manner? As did Abraham and Issac.? Surely not.
    I understand that the begetting may be spiritual and not physical. That would be the right approach because Jesus referred to God as a loving father. That was some kind of analogy and it was not any real literal father /son relationship. But the way the Church is preaching is quite misleading.

    There are many more problems with church teachings which need some explanation. Such as, the original sin. The church teaches that all mankind is a born sinner, including Abraham a.s. and Jacob and Moses and David and Noah a.s. All mankind is sinner except Jesus. Jesus is not a sinner. The reason for that is not known. It is probably because he was born without the agency of human father.

    In other words, it is mating of the husband and wife that is at the root of mankind being sinful. That is why the church males and females are not married. There is a definite taboo against marriage in Church. The mating of husband and wife is a sin. That is a revolt against nature.

    Islam does not teach such unnatural ideas. Islam says that the mating without lawful marriage is a sin. Mating out of wedlock is a sin. Church does not openly teach such things.

    I do not know if mother Mary is sinful or sinless. How the church will explain a sinful woman giving birth to a sinless child? We know that she was virgin but virginity also needs some explanation. What is meant by a virgin? Is it not that every lady, if she has not gone near any man before marriage is a virgin. If such a lady will meet her husband, she will be a virgin for life even if she has met and mated with her husband.

    I need some useful definition for the word “Virgin”. We may look at Mary with the sense of that definition. In doing so, we will keep in mind that she was married and she had other children after Jesus. So shall we call her a virgin? It is the duty of the Church to explain all such things, such as “Virgin”. And the act of begetting, in what sense they apply it.

    Why a new born baby is a sinner, needs explanation. What good it is to malign all prophets as sinful? What use it is? And why to exclude Jesus only from the list of all sinful persons?

    There is another issue of Trinity. The words in the bible about preaching in the name of the son and the holy ghost and the father is justified (Mathew 28:20). It is analogous to the Islamic Kalimah “There is no God except Allah and Muhammad is His messenger.”

    There is no harm to preach in the name of the son and the holy spirit and the Father. That is a sort of address of Jesus teachings. That is, where from the teachings is emanating (coming). It did not mean that the son (Jesus) and the holy ghost (the holy spirit) should be made equal to (and part of) God Almighty.

    We Muslims say there is no God except Allah and in case any one needs to know where from such a teaching is coming, we also say that Muhammad is a messenger of Allah. He gave that message, all important message.
    It was same for the Christians to have preached the word and teachings of Allah with reference to Jesus and the holy spirit (who brought the message). The church has taken wrong meaning of the verse in Mathew (28:20) and taken Jesus and holy ghost as gods. Jesus never told them to consider himself and holy ghost as part of God Almighty.

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