Day: March 7, 2013

Wealth Inequality Is a Problem, but How Do You Even Begin to Solve It? – Is capitalislm working for USA? What is the Islamic solution?

Courtesy: The Atlantic You might consider America’s vast wealth inequality, vividly illustrated in this viral video, to be offensive, infuriating, or irrelevant. But it is not terribly mysterious. Rich people have more money. More money tends to lead to bigger properties, fatter savings, and better access to capital markets. As […]

El Comandante has left the building

Source: Asia Times: Unfortunately for turbo-capitalists in Washington and Brussels, the death of Venezuela’s President Hugo Chavez from cancer does not signal an end to the spirit of Chavism. With his “socialism of the 21st century” and defiance of centuries-old patterns of subjugation in Latin America, El Comandante struck a […]

What went right at Almaty

Source: Asis Times: By Richard Javad Heydarian After eight months of diplomatic hiatus, Iran and the “P5+1” powers – the United States, China, Russia, France, the United Kingdom and Germany – were finally able to return to the negotiating table. In Kazakhstan at the end of last month, to the […]