Day: March 16, 2013

Is Any Hope Left for Mideast Peace?

By RASHID KHALIDI NEW YORK TIMES WHAT should Barack Obama, who is to visit Israel next Wednesday for the first time in his presidency, do about the Israeli-Palestinian conflict? First, he must abandon the stale conventional wisdom offered by the New York-Washington foreign-policy establishment, which clings to the crumbling remnants […]

Syrian general, 20 soldiers defect — opposition : General says only those with special interests now back Assad

BEIRUT — A brigadier general and about 20 soldiers defected from the Syrian army in two separate incidents on Saturday, activists said, in another sign that the strength of President Bashar Assad’s armed forces is diminishing. Brigadier General Mohammed Khalouf appeared dressed in a camouflage military uniform in a video […]

Joke of the day ….

Funny Clean Jokes – Drop Dead Six retired Irishmen were playing poker in Monaghan’s flat in Dungarvan when Sean O’Toole loses �700 on a single hand, clutches his chest and drops dead at the table. Showing respect for their fallen brother, the other five continue playing standing up. Michael Lennon […]

Pakistan to be Rwanda:

Source: LUBP Editor’s note: I am at great pain to publish this article. I have always had great regard for Raza Rumi and Najam Sethi.  This interview with Ahmed Lidhanvi Deobandi has no news value whatsoever. It does not cross-question any of the claims of a known terrorist. Therefore it […]