Month: April 2013

U.S. hypocrisy

STORY SUMMARY In the two long years since the Syrian conflict erupted, the United States has unwittingly revealed much about its foreign policy preoccupations and motives, all of which point to a nation losing its superpower status and its reputation as the world’s policeman. It is depressingly easy to deduce […]


By Michael Lokesson · National Geographic News · Published April 30, 2013 The Boston marathon bombing has focused attention on the word “jihad.” Vice President Biden characterized the alleged bombers as knockoff jihadis.” The Associated Press reported that the elder brother had “vaguely discussed jihad” with his mother over the […]

Judgment Not Included

Coutesy:   April 27, 2013 Judgment Not Included By THOMAS L. FRIEDMAN AS police investigators peel away the layers of the Boston Marathon bombing, there are two aspects of this unfolding story to which I want to react: the mind-set of the alleged bombers and the role of the Internet […]