Month: April 2013

Possibility of Deal for Boston Bombing!

Source: Conservative Papers. NBC News is reporting that attorneys for accused Boston Marathon Bombing suspect Dzhokhar Tsarnaev are discussing a possible deal in which federal prosecutors might consider waiving the death penalty in exchange for a “full accounting” of the attack that left three people dead and 264 people injured. […]

Is It Muslim Terrorism Yet?

Source:The Conservative Papers. by Tad Cronn Oh, it’s just a couple of typical American kids — that was Michael Moore’s reaction.The American system twisted a couple of good Chechen boys — from the president of Chechnya.The two boys suspected in the Boston Marathon bombings were angels who are being set up […]

Three wrongs make a right

Source:The Economist: A surprising new way to kill tumours: PANCREATIC cancer is a dreadful disease. Even in rich countries, only about 4% of those diagnosed with it are still alive after five years. In America it is the third-most-common cause of cancer deaths among women, after lung and breast cancer; […]

Israeli yellow card for US on Iran

Source: Asia Times: Israel is standing up to American pressure to leave the Iranian nuclear program to Washington, despite recent reciprocal high-level visits and an “unprecedented” US$10 billion arms deal. Its intensions appear to be two-track: to push the US into more decisive action and to prepare world opinion for […]

The importance of Keith Ellison: Patriot who’s also a Muslim is our best defense against Islamic extremism and violence Progressives loved seeing Rep. Keith Ellison smack down his GOP congressional colleague Peter King on “Meet the Press” Sunday, insisting that profiling Muslims in the wake of the Boston bombing is not only wrong but “ineffective law enforcement.” As Ellison warned: “Once you start saying, we’re going to dragnet or surveil […]