Prof. Bart Ehrman on the Bible’s Authors

Forged: Writing in the Name of God–Why the Bible’s Authors Are Not Who We Think They Are

Bart D. Ehrman (Author)

It is often said, even by critical scholars who should know better, that “writing in the name of another” was widely accepted in antiquity. But New York Times bestselling author Bart D. Ehrman dares to call it what it was: literary forgery, a practice that was as scandalous then as it is today. In Forged, Ehrman’s fresh and original research takes readers back to the ancient world, where forgeries were used as weapons by unknown authors to fend off attacks to their faith and establish their church. So, if many of the books in the Bible were not in fact written by Jesus’s inner circle—but by writers living decades later, with differing agendas in rival communities—what does that do to the authority of Scripture?

Ehrman investigates ancient sources to:

  • Reveal which New Testament books were outright forgeries.
  • Explain how widely forgery was practiced by early Christian writers—and how strongly it was condemned in the ancient world as fraudulent and illicit.
The Muslim Times’ Editor’s comments: I agree with most of what Prof. Ehrman says in this interview.  However, he stops short of doubting theology presented by the New Testament.The authors of the books of the New Testament were lying about their own identity, but they were not lying about Jesus’, may peace be on him, identity?It does not add up.How trust worthy is Christian theology, where and when it is not supported by Judaism or Islam, in light of these forgeries?

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  1. Mr.Ehrmann has written a very important book on this issu {the Lost Christianities}
    He gave the result of his research in detail which is worthy of reading.

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