Day: April 13, 2013

Robert Fisk: The war has reached Damascus, but for now it is not a warzone The Independent’s Middle East correspondent returns to the streets of Damascus

Damascus under siege? Certainly. But at war? I’m not so sure. The shells swish high over the city, from Mount Qasioun to Deraya, soaring far over the 18th-century Azem Palace and the mosque built on air, the glorious Umayyad with its fragile 8th-century mosaics, last resting place of Saladin, the […]

Mobiles become weapons as tactics change in Syria’s new phoney war – Heavy casualties are reshaping the nature of the conflict. Robert Fisk reports from Damascus

A man was stopped at a government checkpoint on the highway north of Deraa and his mobile phone taken. The soldier found an SMS message which said: “I am in the hospital. The shooting has started.” Assuming that the man was a rebel signalling his whereabouts to his comrades, the […]