Inviting Professor Dawkins to Read the Qur’an to Salvage his Reputation as a Scientist

Editors note: “Haven’t read Koran so couldn’t quote chapter and verse like I can for Bible. But [I] often say Islam [is the] greatest force for evil today.” Dawkins

While the whole aetheistic discourse propagated by Mr. Dawkins is deeply flawed and irrational his most poisnous irrational sting was presereved for Islam and what better evidence of this than the recent statement by him as qouted by Nathan Lean in his excellent article below. The harmony, beauty and order that pervades the universe as a witness to God’s presence and obvious to Einstien and Abdus Salam and to a child today, does not appeal to the militant aetheism of Mr. Dawkins and perhaps can be dismissed as two competing view points, but not having read the source and a the scripture (Qur’an) that forms the essence of a religion like Islam and making a judgement of it being evil is the height of not only irrationaliity but pure non sense and a deeply flawed a jaundiced unscientific attitude. Here is a challenge to Mr. Dawkins, we post the hyperlinks below for his perusal and ask him to pose us questions on which verses can he qoute in favor of his unreasonable conclusions. We will be happy to then provide him with a refutation and clear explanation of where he has gone wrong.

Message of The Holy Quran – Unity of God, World Peace and Freedom:

A video defending the Holy Quran while showing its beautiful teachings. Extracts from the Holy Quran and the Bible are used to refute the allegations made by the Dove World Outreach Centre against the Holy Quran.: Dawkins, Harris, Hitchens: New Atheists flirt with Islamophobia

A Twitter rant by Richard Dawkins re-exposes a disturbing Islamophobic streak among the New Atheists


Richard Dawkins, the preppy septuagenarian and professional atheist whose work in the field of evolutionary biology informs his godless worldview, has always been a prickly fellow. The British scientist and former Oxford University professor has expended considerable ink and precious breath rationalizing away the possibility of cosmic forces and explaining in scientific terms why those who believe in a divine creator are, well, stupid.

It appears, however, that some of those believers are stupider than others. At least according to a recent series of tweets by Dawkins, who served up a hostile helping of snark this week aimed at followers of the Muslim faith. It’s a group that has come to occupy a special place in his line of fire — and in the minds of a growing club of no-God naysayers who have fast rebranded atheism into a popular, cerebral and more bellicose version of its former self.

The New Atheists, they are called, offer a departure from the theologically based arguments of the past, which claimed that science wasn’t all that important in disproving the existence of God. Instead, Dawkins and other public intellectuals like Sam Harris and the late Christopher Hitchens suffocate their opponents with scientific hypotheses, statistics and data about the physical universe — their weapons of choice in a battle to settle the scores in a debate that has raged since the days of Aristotle. They’re atheists with attitudes, as polemical as they are passionate, brash as they are brainy, and while they view anyone who does not share their unholier-than-thou worldview with skepticism and scorn, their cogitations on the creation of the universe have piqued the interest of even many believers. With that popularity, they’ve built lucrative empires. Dawkins and Harris are regulars in major publications like the New York Times and the Economist, and their books — “The Selfish Gene” and “The God Delusion” by Dawkins and “The End of Faith” and “Letter to a Christian Nation” by Harris — top bestseller lists and rake in eye-popping royalties.


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  1. Atheists are working on a principle “Seeing is believing”. That is bad. I amend that principle to “Seeing is not denying”. i.e. to see is not to deny. That is all.
    In fact seeing is no believing. Belief needs some kind of curtain or invisibility or doubt. For example, I see the Sun. If I believe in the Sun, it is not anything of importance. It would be foolish of me to deny the Sun. What do I gain by believing in the SUN.
    We may need to define the word “Belief”. Belief should be concerned with the visible and invisible. If there are visible things and invisible things, if there are real and imaginary things, as we have in mathematics then we need to keep the belief for such things which are not visible. We cannot apply the belief to visible things only.
    That is why, the Quran teaches, in the very beginning of the second chapter about belief. It says belief is for the unseen things (Yuminoona bi alghaib..) i.e. the God fearing people will believe in the unseen things… they will not apply the condition that they will believe only in the things which are seen.
    In real world, we experience things which we cannot present but feel there effect. What is electricity?/ Current is running in the wire. We observe its effects but we cannot actually see the current. Similarly there is imaginary resistance (reactance) we cannot measure and we cannot deny it. So there is a realm of imagination which is being well admitted by all of us, of unseen things; things which we cannot present but at the same time we cannot deny.
    I would request all atheists to abandon the saying “Seeing is believing.” We believe in the things by their effect. In fact we see those things by their effect only (not by the eyes), that may be love and hatred and pain and happiness, there are so many abstract things that are part of us. Shall we reject them all, i.e. our feelings? We feel hot, sometimes we feel cold. Have we seen the heat? But we admit it.
    Let us chart out a good way as to not apply a precondition that Seeing is believing.

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