Day: April 8, 2013

Bangladesh protesters demand blasphemy law

Source: Aljazeera Hundreds of thousands of people have held protests in Bangladesh to demand that the government introduce an anti-blasphemy law that would include the death penalty for bloggers who insult Islam. Protest organisers called Saturday’s rally the “long march”, with many travelling from remote villages to the capital, Dhaka’s […]

1974: Wikileaks and Ahmadiyyah – A sample

Tweet from Mustafa Qadiri: Public Library of UD Diplomacy Text search View Map Make Timegraph View Tags Image Library PAKISTAN: SUMMER OF DISCONTENT? Date: 1974 June 8, 05:40 (Saturday) Canonical ID: 1974ISLAMA05499_b Original Classification: LIMITED OFFICIAL USE Current Classification: UNCLASSIFIED Handling Restrictions: — N/A or Blank — Character Count: 7936 Executive Order: — N/A […]

Amazing Memory At last count, at least 33 people in the world could tell you what they ate for breakfast, lunch and dinner, on February 20, 1998. Or who they talked to on October 28, 1986. Pick any date and they can pull from their memory the most prosaic details of […]