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Conversations with the Rabbi – Imam Faheem Arshad of the Ahmadiyya Muslim to join the discussion

Source: Join us for Conversations with the Rabbi, a new series featuring Rabbi Michael Beyo, EVJCC CEO, and local faith leaders. On Sept. 15, Rabbi Beyo will speak with Imam Faheem Arshad of the Ahmadiyya Muslim Community about being a minority religion in America. They will explore maintaining religious […]

Islam in the modern age

Daily Times: His Highness Aga Khan-IV, the hereditary imam of the Ismaili Aga Khani community, is on a visit to Pakistan. To my mind he represents the true spirit of Islam: progress, humanity, education, and economic progress as ethical imperatives and dictates of Islamic doctrine. As a religious leader can […]

Ahmadiyya Muslim Community Zion invites you to “Coffee, Cake & True Islam” event to understand Muslims better

Source: EVENT DETAILS COFFEE, CAKE AND TRUE ISLAM Come join us for a hot cup of coffee and great conversations 🙂 You may also like the following events from the same organizer: This month, 17th March, 07:00 pm, Coffee, Cake and True Islam in Zion This month, 24th March, 07:00 […]

USA: Albany Chapter of the Ahmadiyya Muslim Community Dispelling Islamophobia through their ‘True Islam’ campaign

Source: By KATHLEEN PHALEN-TOMASELLI Dispelling myths The ‘True Islam’ campaign clarifies eleven misconceptions about Islam to actively counter extremism and misinformation about Muslim people and their religious beliefs: True Islam is a religion that: Rejects all forms of terrorism Believes in non-violent jihad (path) Believes in the equality, education and […]

Rumi and Emerson: A Bridge Between the West and the Muslim World The writings of Jalalud’din Rumi, the 13th century Sufi Muslim philosopher from modern-day Afghanistan, and the works of Ralph Waldo Emerson, the 19th century Christian transcendentalist from Boston, Massachusetts, are filled with lessons that enrich every human soul. Rumi’s and Emerson’s similar thoughts on religious tolerance, love, and care […]

Isis persecution of Christians not justified by Prophet Mohammed’s teachings, says study

The Independent: The persecution of Christians in the so-called Islamic State is not justified by Prophet Mohammed’s writings, according to research. The study into the works of the Muslim prophet written between 622 and 632 AD indicates Christians living within the “ummah” – Arabic for community – were protected and defended. More: